A Data With Destiny: The Tech Trends To Look For In 2017!

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The nature of the digital world continues to expand and drastically change the landscape of all our lives. In business, the very nature of the changing landscape means that we must keep ahead of the curve in order to supply clients, customers, and employees with the tools that they need. With the nature of cloud computing having evolved into an essential component for startups to survive, the changes that are afoot will not only make the tech of a few years ago redundant, but we won’t even believe that we managed to survive using what we did! Here are some trends that could be big in the digital world in 2017.

The User Experience Will Be Essential To Marketing

The customer and how they use the internet and interact with suppliers is slowly starting to make changes in the ecommerce world. It is so easy for a customer to click off, swipe away and shut down from ads that don’t suit their ideas and views of what is an essential brand. While the user experience is tracked using analytics, the way in which we interact with a customer on a one-to-one basis will be the key way to get to the needs and wants of a target market. With apps like Facebook starting to use individual marketing campaigns based on your “likes” and topics that you search for, the whole experience of a user will see a seismic shift towards that type of marketing, so that one user is engaged completely on all senses, from the design to the audio.

To Be Successful In Business, You Must Adapt

The landscape is constantly changing, so businesses need to adapt or get thrown on the fire. Marketplace shifts and new tech needs to be incorporated into the workplace culture quickly and effectively. With every new method of integrating the latest performance management software, there must be a culture that is willing and ready to embrace the changes. It isn’t just about tech anymore that will keep you ahead of the game!

The Remote Workforce Will Inherit The Earth

The younger professionals prefer being flexible rather than being compensated. The nature of smartphones and improved internet connections means that communication is at its zenith, and so if you are running a company with employees on the other side of the planet, you don’t need to worry about keeping tabs on them. The freelance contract is a more luring prospect for many as it means they can move on, and they can work from the comfort of their own home. And from the point of view of a company, it means you have much more choice in who you hire, as you have the benefit of hiring the most talented professional regardless of the time zone they are in!

Data Is More Important Than Ever

With the increase of analytics, it means that you need to be using the data to the best of your abilities. In the digital world, everything can be measured, and how a customer thinks is integral to how a business will operate in 2017.

Do You Dream Of A New Career? Professions You Could Consider

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Does New year’s eve inspire you to make changes for the year ahead? You are not alone. Many people take this time of year to re-evaluate the past year and make some changes for the year ahead. People think about making personal changes, reaching for their goals and
making their dreams come true. For many of those people, their career is high on the list of things they want to change. Maybe because they feel undervalued in their chosen career, or perhaps they just want to do something different with their time. After all, a lot of our waking hours are spent working and earning a living. So as it is the time of year to put new goals into action, here are some professions you could consider as the potential new career for you.


Working in the digital world

Working online has fast grown in popularity recently. With so many people using social media to earn money, starting online blogs and launching websites with their own products, why not take a slice of the action yourself? There are plenty of websites online offering advice and tips on how to create your own space on the internet, and with a little hard work and dedication you could be earning a decent wage through advertising content and brand work. You could even try creating video content on Youtube and become an internet sensation, you just have to read success stories about online creators such as Zoe Sugg to feel inspired.

Getting a job as a personal trainer

Maybe you have a passion for being lean and would love to help others change their lifestyle. If that sounds like you then a job in the fitness sector as personal trainer could be the perfect choice for you. Just research some personal trainer courses and simply re-train. It could provide you with a job that you have passion for, as well enabling you to earn a salary from it.

Working for a brand you admire

If there is a brand you just admire completely then why not check out their careers site and see if their are any roles you would be interested in applying to. Having passion for the company you work for is desirable for any brand, and it could help you enjoy your nine to five role instead of despising it.

Try your hand in sales

If people comment on how you could sell literally anything then why not turn that skill into a job. Many companies require sales staff as they can be the hardest to come by. Sales staff have a high turnover but if you are good at what you are do the rewards can be astronomical, both financially and personally.

Put you gift of the gab to good use

Finally, if you love to talk and have a passion to help people then why not consider a job in customer service where you can help people everyday. You may be handling complaints, or dealing with general enquiries, but the job satisfaction could be something right up your street.

I hope this has inspired you with some alternative job opportunities.

Questions that determine if you'll ever be rich?

Big questions that determine your future wealth

The following questions should provide a good indicator as to whether you're on track to build your wealth. If your answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes and remains as a yes throughout your lifetime then you should have no problems building some serious wealth. If you want to be rich then you've got to grow your assets. Assets are your wealth and are your security in uncertain times as you can live off the income produced by your assets.

Rich questions:

Do you put away at least 10% of your net income each month?

If you commit to automatically saving at least 10% of your after tax income on a monthly basis then you cannot fail to build wealth. You'll build up wealth even quicker if you commit to saving even more money on a monthly basis. I suggest that you start by setting up a standing order to automatically transfer 10% of your net income into a separate savings account. Resist temptation to dip into it. As you receive pay rises then slowly increase the percentage that you put into savings.

Do you save for retirement?

If you're slowly putting away a portion of your income each month into a pension then you're demonstrating discipline and adding another asset to your portfolio.

Ideally we're recommended to put away at least 20% of your pretax income each month. I'm a little more relaxed on this. I suggest that you at least maximise your Company pension matching scheme - it's free money so take it!

Do you own rather than lease?

This is simple really. If you're leasing or renting then you're putting money into someone else's pocket. The landlord or lessor will always charge a premium to the renter or lessee - that's simply their profit. Owning will generally always be cheaper.

There are occasions when you don't have the option but to rent or lease. Keep these instances to a minimum except where there is no alternative, for example, if you can't afford to buy a home then there are few alrernatives to renting. Whereas if you can't afford the latest model of the car that you love then consider buying a used car or taking public transport.

Do you have bad debt?

Good debt is debt where there is an asset attached such as in the case of a buy to let mortgage with a property investment. Bad debt is associated with assets that are rapidly depreciating such as cars. Avoid bad debt.

Do you invest?

If you're cash is simply sitting in a current account or a savings account then it is not working for you. The clue is in the name. A current account is for current daily income and outgoings. A savings account is for saving - this is not the same as investing.

To invest your cash needs to work for you. Use it to buy income producing assets: property or dividend paying shares. Currently I would recommend avoiding bonds.

Are you willing to take on risk?

You need to be willing to accept the risk that comes with investing. You won't achieve any great returns by not taking on additional risk. If you're taking a long term view then this shouldn't be an issue. Volatility tends to even out over the long run.

Do you grab opportunities?

If you have a business idea and it appears credible then be willing to invest a little and run with it.

Is Your Office a Mess? Learn the Importance of a Well-Kept Office

A tidy room is a tidy mind

Depending on what type of business you run, your potential clients and customers could be waltzing into your offices to speak with you, discuss business and ultimately make deals. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you make your office presentable.

Whether you’re building your first office or planning to refurbish your existing one, don't neglect the importance of making it presentable to anyone that walks in. Here are some tips to convince you to make your workplace presentable.

Image: Pixabay

It attracts employees

Whenever you recruit a new employee or start the interviewing process you need to make a good first impression. Employees are more likely to stick around if they know their employer is serious about their well-being, the environment and of course, their working conditions. If your new interviewees see depressed workers struggling with broken and failing computer parts then their first impressions of your workplace won’t be great.

A great trick to motivate potential recruits is to decorate your office. For example, you could get martin awards that congratulate specific workers or employees of the month and hang them on the walls around your office or in the general working area, or allow your employees to decorate their workspaces with awards and personal belongings so that when your new recruits walk past, they’ll notice that you care about how your employees and reward them for doing a good job.

Clients will take you more seriously

A run-down office with broken walls and uneven flooring won’t do you any good when it comes to serious business clients. You need a boardroom for meetings and it has to be presented in a luxurious and professional way. Don’t expect to make any deals when you’re forcing your business clients to sit in plastic folding chairs and drink coffee from plastic cups. Get some luxurious chairs, buff up and polish the table, get a proper coffee machine and some mugs that are branded with your business name.

People are more likely to trust your business when you can present an air of professionalism—even if you want to promote a casual and laid back working atmosphere. This counts for customers, clients and even your current staff.

Image: Pixabay

For health and safety reasons

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Leaving machinery lying around or stacking computer components and parts on top of rickety tables is a sure way to injure someone. You can’t expect to maintain a safe working area if you aren’t taking office organisation seriously, and if your office is a complete mess then there are accidents just waiting to happen.

Instead of waiting for this ticking time bomb to go off, take your health and safety matters seriously or else your workplace inspector won’t be thrilled that your office is a mess. Refurbish it, clean up any mess, sort out broken pieces of furniture and replace anything that doesn’t work anymore or serves no purpose. This includes old outdated machinery, keeping cables hidden so people don’t trip up and also throwing out appliances and furniture that are on their last legs. You’re running a business office, so act like a leader and equip your staff (and yourself) with the necessary tools to carry out work without fearing for your safety.

The Pajama Economy Versus The Office? Which Is Better?

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The world of work has changed a great deal over the last few years. Many workers now see working from home as the ideal, all thanks to the fact that it cuts their commute times and means that they have more time to spend with their kids. Being able to stay in your pajamas certainly, has its advantages. But is the new pajama economy all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s take a look.

Office Benefit Number 1: Your Working Day Has A Cut-Off Point

Unless your employer is Victorian, there’s a good chance that your office working day comes to an end at a set time. But with flexible home working, that isn’t always the case.

Say, for instance, you’re a freelancer. It can be hard to ignore offers from clients and agencies who offer you extra work, even if that work arrives on a Sunday afternoon or late on a Wednesday evening when you’re supposed to be taking your kids to the Scout hut. Even if you work a regular job, many people find it hard to switch off when they work from home. There’s no clear demarcation between the working environment and the home environment, so home workers often feel the pressure to resolve issues outside of regular hours.

Office Benefit Number 2: Offices Have Better Facilities

These days, we hear a lot about the power of remote working facilities and the cloud. But if you’ve ever actually tried to hold a meeting over Skype, you’ll know that it’s a lot easier said than done. Then there are instant messengers which might be good for the odd message, but aren’t actually suitable when you want to communicate complex ideas.

There’s also the fact that homes aren’t office environments and tend to lack many of the basic facilities and furniture that we’d expect. As Arnold’s Office Furniture notes, offices are able to incorporate cutting edge working arrangement including things like new cubicles and open plan offices with different areas for different work-related activities. These sorts of collaborative setups are hard to generate online.

Office Benefit Number 3: Communication Breakdowns Are Rare

Communicating effectively with people using a chat box can also lead to problems if done long term. Chat boxes can’t convey meaning very effectively, meaning that there are ample opportunities to be misinterpreted. In addition to that, it’s hard to form close bonds with people when all you have to go on is a few hastily written words in the corner of your screen. Home workers can wind up feeling lonely and isolated from the rest of their team unless they regularly go into the office and catch up.

Office Benefit Number 4: Guidance Is Easier In The Office

As an employee, you want to be guided and trained by management so that you can improve your skills and become more valuable. But getting advice when you work remotely can be difficult. In the office, you can just approach your manager for guidance with a particular task, but when you work remotely, you can often be waiting for an hour or more for an email response to a query.

Top articles of 2016

The following are a selection of five articles that were the most popular on multimillionaireroad.com over 2016:

1) What Businesses Can Learn From The Success Of Pokémon Go

The article has had about 43,000 views in 2016. The article analyses what it was that made the launch of Pokémon Go such a success this year and then tries to translate that into business tips to be used by anyone.

It's quite a quick read - only about 550 words. Why not give it a try if you're business person and are looking for some new and innovative marketing ideas.

2) Science of Wealth

The Science of Wealth article has had about 36,000 views to date. The article breaks down what the magical formula to wealth creation is. Don't worry, it's not rocket science! Wealth is broken down into a simple and easy to follow formula. Want to know what it takes to become a multi-millionaire then this article is a must read.

3) The Key Questions To Inspire Home-Based Business Success

The Key Questions to Inspire Home-Based Business Success has had about 10,000 views to date, however was only published in late October this year.

The article discusses what you would need to do and how you could be effective whilst working from home. The article includes information on productivity, clients and funding.

4) My CFD Experiment Failure

My CFD Experiment Failure has had over 9,000 views and details a period in my life when I tried to make money from trading CFDs (contract for differences). It formed the basis of why I think spread betting and CFD trading is extremely dangerous for 99% of the investing public.

If you think you're good at making money from CFD trading or spread betting then have a read of this article and then get involved in the debate in the comments section.

5) Turning Forex Trading Into Additional Income Source

Turning Forex Trading Into Additional Income Source has had over 9,000 views. This was a guest post by another finance writer and forms the perfect alternative position to 'My CFD Experiment Failure'. It explains how money can be made from only foreign exchange trading.

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Merry Xmas 2016

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When I started the site whilst in University I never imagined that the site would grow to what it has become today. This is all down to you the readers, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As we look ahead to what 2017 has in store my hope is that the site will continue to grow in popularity. My dream is to spread good personal finance and business advice to anyone who would have need of it. There are too many paid professionals out there proffering bad advice to clueless customers. I hope that one day this practice will stop. Instead, people need to inform themselves and I hope that this site can go some way as to helping everybody reach their goal of becoming a little more informed in personal finance.

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Getting Your First Office? Remember These Genius Money-Saving Tips

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On the road to business riches, you’re going to have to explore all money-saving options possible. It’s true that it’s possible to put too much focus on this - if your money-saving schemes start to drastically affect the quality of the work you do, then you’re probably taking things too far! But there a lot of smart ways to save money that won’t drain quality. Check them out here!

Don’t be afraid to go second-hand

A lot of business owners get into this believing that they need to buy the newest and the best of everything. Sure, in an ideal world where you had an astonishing amount of capital, that would be the way to go. But the fact is that you can save an incredible amount by deciding to go second-hand with computers and furniture. Many retailers specialize in selling second-hand electrical equipment that is thoroughly tested before sale. You may even want to look into getting refurbished computers directly from the manufacturers. See https://www.dellrefurbished.com/ for more info.

Good furniture can be cheap

Second-hand furniture isn’t always the best way to go, because it can be hard finding as many uniform items as you may need. Besides, the office chairs that your employees use really do need to be of a high quality. You can’t expect them to sit on uncomfortable chairs for eight hours a day, right? So you don’t want to go too hardcore with the savings in this area. Still, it is possible to get high-quality chairs at reasonable prices. Find out more at http://www.officechairsonly.com/under-200/

Let employees work from home

One of the biggest long-terms costs that employers take on comes from the actual use of the office. There are the food and water supplies to consider, as well as electricity use. In order to save on these things, you may want to consider using cloud computing to allow your employees to work from home. You could have a few that work from home on a permanent basis, or you could even allow everyone to work from home for a day or two every week.

Consider shorter leases

A lot of business owners actually only need an office for a short-term project. Others may also be a bit uncertain about the financial future of their business. In cases like these, you may want to consider taking on shorter leases, which often come with smaller fees. By the end of the lease, you may find you don’t need or want the office anymore - or, if the savings helped you boost business, then you can sign up for something more long-term.

Explore all your tax write-offs

One of the most effective ways of saving money in business is to get as many tax write-offs as you can. This is something that a surprising amount of business owners don’t take full advantage of. It doesn’t help that the IRS is hardly willing to tell you everything you need to know about reducing the amount of money you have to pay them! Read more about exploring your tax-write offs at http://www.lifehack.org/articles/work/top-10-tax-write-offs-for-small-business-owners.html.

Give Something Back To The Community With These Important Healthcare Professions

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Think it’s time to rethink your career? There are many people who change their career path, no matter their age. At one time, it was believed that once you had been in your career for a few years, it would be extremely difficult to change. However, that isn’t the case anymore. So which type of career should you consider moving to? One of the most popular is a job in healthcare. It is a very rewarding profession and will give you the chance to give something back to the community. Not sure what kinds of jobs are available in healthcare? Here are some of the easiest to move into.


IT Workers

Not all jobs in healthcare are medical related. In fact, there is a big support network of workers at each hospital and doctor’s surgery who works tirelessly to support the doctors and nurses. These days, IT workers are becoming increasingly important as more and more computer systems are being used to organize and arrange appointments for patients. Without IT workers, one small computer problem could mess things up for the whole hospital. If you can code and have the relevant experience in IT, you shouldn't find it too difficult to become an IT worker in healthcare.

Support Workers

If you would like to be a bit more hands-on with patients, you might like the idea of finding a job as a support worker. Support workers work with patients in their own home and help them get around and do everyday tasks. As a support worker, you will be working with people who have a number of different conditions, such as spinal injuries and long-term health conditions. If you like the idea of getting into the community and helping people directly, this could be the career for you.


Depending on your age, it might be too late for you to start training as a doctor. However, if you do fancy working in healthcare with patients, you will still be able to train as a nurse, as the training doesn’t last quite as long. When you are looking for a job as a nurse, you can either look for a position in a hospital or at a local doctor’s surgery. Whichever you choose, you will be working directly with patients and carrying out various tests and treatments.

HR Staff

There are many more jobs in the healthcare profession that don’t require you to work quite so closely with patients, though. One of the major ones is working in a hospital’s HR department. As an employee working in HR, you will be responsible for looking after all the staff and recruiting new employees. Even though you won’t be helping patients directly, you can be proud to know that you are responsible for bringing some of the top nurses and doctors to your hospital!

You will find that working with patients in the healthcare profession is a very rewarding job. Not only that, but all the roles come with a very attractive salary too!

The Long Road To Successful Investment

How to grow your portfolio

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With banks becoming less trustworthy and jobs not paying as much as they used to, it’s up to you to fill the gap. Making your own money can be important. For some, they will rely on it when it comes to retirement. And, for others, it may be a way source their entire income. One of the best ways to make money is through investment. You don’t have to put much effort in for a good reward. But, investment comes with it’s own challenges.

To make a decent amount with investment, you need to have some money to invest. And, of course, the more money you have, the more money you can make. So, before you start out properly, you need to save some money. This means doing some work. Obviously, you should be trying to save where you can, anyway. So, you may already have some savings. To save a good amount of money, you may have to be tough, though.

If you live on the breadline or from paycheck to paycheck, you already know how hard it is to save. But, you need to do it, so it’s difficulty doesn’t matter. The best way to save money is by limiting your spending. And, the best way to do that, is by budgeting. Break down your weekly or monthly income, and take out the things you have to pay. These are things like bills and rent. Now, think about the money that you need to spend on other essentials. How much does food and hygiene cost you? Do you need money to do things? Give yourself a reasonable and realistic budget, based on that. Hopefully, you’ll have some money left over from your paycheck. This money needs to be saved. If you don’t have anything left, you need to reduce your spending until you do. Buying cheaper food can help. And, simply being a little more boring and not going out so much will help to. Changing your lifestyle now can vastly improve it in the future. So, it’s worth making the changes early.

Thankfully, it’s easy to save through investment. Once you are able to save a set amount each month, you can move on to investing that much, instead. At this point, you’ll be taking on some risk. So, it’s worth saving something to give yourself a fallback. Early investment can be done with riskier options than later investment. You’ll be investing smaller amounts of money, so it isn’t such a big hit if it gets lost.

The risk in most investments is caused by other parties failing. For example, if you invest in a company, and the company doesn’t do well enough, you may not see a return. Different types of investment have different risks, as well. So, you have to do some research before getting into it.

Generally, stocks and shares are the highest risk investment. They can easily fail if the market price isn’t in your favour when you have to sell. When you first start out, this is the sort of investment that you should make. They are higher risk, but they also provide more of a reward. Your return from investments like this will be higher than what you would get from a bond or savings account. There are a few good systems that you can follow here, to ensure a return. One, which is used by professionals, was taken from an old gambling tactic. You start off with a small investment. If the investment fails, you invest double in something else. You keep doing this until you get a return. Once you get a return, you start again. This ensures that you will always make a return equal or greater than your investment.

As your return increases, it’s good to start looking towards less risky options. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to reserve a small amount of money to keep up the old practice. Options like business loan investment and property investment are good, at this point. They give you a chance to put a larger amount of money into a pool, with less risk that you’ll lose it. Services exist that allow you to contribute any amount any amount of money you want towards a loan for a business. The entire loan is funded by other investors, like you. When the business pays back the loan, they also pay some interest. You receive your portion of this interest, and the service takes theirs. This provides very little risk and still gives you a good return.

Once you’ve saved a very significant amount, you can start to look towards even less risky investments. Bonds and savings accounts are a great way to securely invest money while making sure that it still grows. You won’t make a great return percentage on your investment, but with the amount your investing, the return will still be good. The provider of the account uses your money to further their own investments. While doing so, the give you a chunk of the money they make doing it. If they fail, they still have to give you the money. This is because you make an agreement when the account is opened.

Once you’ve started investing like this, you will also start to see much higher returns. Soon, you will be able to look into investments in property. This market is one that needs to be researched, though. One of the best ways to invest in property is through a 1031Gateway. They allow investors to trade property, without having to deal with gain taxes. So, you can grow a portfolio, without having to pay tax as your horizon broadens. Tricks like this can save investors thousands. So, it’s worth being in the know.

Hopefully, this won’t put you off investing. It’s a worthwhile use of time, and one that can make the future much brighter. In twenty years, you could be thanking yourself for starting to invest early on. You will only get out what you put in when it comes to making money. So, you have to work hard.

The 4 P's: The Qualities That Most Impress Your Business Clients

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When you are meeting with clients, face to face, or even just on the phone, you want to do everything you can to make a good first impression. Their opinion of you is going to be surprisingly powerful, as it is the clients who often make the final decisions and the final calls, and as such it is well in your favour to ensure that they are impressed by you straight off the bat. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, you might already have a certain style and way of being that you take into meetings with you. The truth is, these can actually get in your way if you are not careful. It is often helpful to step back and take a sober look at your behaviour, so that you can best work on how you present yourself. When you do that, bear the following four qualities in mind.



Let’s be honest: there are few things more off-putting than when someone is late for a meeting. This is one of the quickest ways to fall into bad favour with someone, and that is the last thing you want to do when it comes to your clients. You must make a real effort to always be as punctual as possible, otherwise your clients are unlikely to be very impressed. If you are the kind of person who often has trouble with being on time, then you might want to find a solution to ensure that you are not late in future. A simple solution is to use a Reminder Call service for all of your appointments. That way, you need never be late again.


When someone is professional-looking, what kind of effect does it have on your opinion of them? If you are like most people, you will say that professionalism means that you can trust them more - and that is exactly what you want to go for in your relationships with your clients. Be sure to dress as smartly as you possibly can, and always put a keen focus on your professionalism. This is likely to bode well for the future with whatever clients you are meeting with.


Often, people can get so bogged down in the world of business that they forget about the normal, everyday, human side. But if you ask your contacts, many of them will happily tell you that one of the major things they would like to see is that you are a normal, personable human being that they can get along with. There is no reason that you can’t make a couple of tasteful jokes from time to time, and do everything you can to keep the conversation flowing as smoothly as possible. All of this works in your favour in the end.


Finally, there is something about being persistent with your demands and desires which tends to really impress people. As long as you are persistent, you are much more likely to impress your clients with your confidence - and as a result, much more likely to get exactly what you want.


Information on this site is not appropriate for the purposes of making a decision for carrying out a transaction or trade nor does it provide any form of advice (investment, tax or legal) amounting to investment advice, or make any recommendations regarding particular financial instruments, investments, or products.
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