Getting Your First Office? Remember These Genius Money-Saving Tips

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On the road to business riches, you’re going to have to explore all money-saving options possible. It’s true that it’s possible to put too much focus on this - if your money-saving schemes start to drastically affect the quality of the work you do, then you’re probably taking things too far! But there a lot of smart ways to save money that won’t drain quality. Check them out here!

Don’t be afraid to go second-hand

A lot of business owners get into this believing that they need to buy the newest and the best of everything. Sure, in an ideal world where you had an astonishing amount of capital, that would be the way to go. But the fact is that you can save an incredible amount by deciding to go second-hand with computers and furniture. Many retailers specialize in selling second-hand electrical equipment that is thoroughly tested before sale. You may even want to look into getting refurbished computers directly from the manufacturers. See for more info.

Good furniture can be cheap

Second-hand furniture isn’t always the best way to go, because it can be hard finding as many uniform items as you may need. Besides, the office chairs that your employees use really do need to be of a high quality. You can’t expect them to sit on uncomfortable chairs for eight hours a day, right? So you don’t want to go too hardcore with the savings in this area. Still, it is possible to get high-quality chairs at reasonable prices. Find out more at

Let employees work from home

One of the biggest long-terms costs that employers take on comes from the actual use of the office. There are the food and water supplies to consider, as well as electricity use. In order to save on these things, you may want to consider using cloud computing to allow your employees to work from home. You could have a few that work from home on a permanent basis, or you could even allow everyone to work from home for a day or two every week.

Consider shorter leases

A lot of business owners actually only need an office for a short-term project. Others may also be a bit uncertain about the financial future of their business. In cases like these, you may want to consider taking on shorter leases, which often come with smaller fees. By the end of the lease, you may find you don’t need or want the office anymore - or, if the savings helped you boost business, then you can sign up for something more long-term.

Explore all your tax write-offs

One of the most effective ways of saving money in business is to get as many tax write-offs as you can. This is something that a surprising amount of business owners don’t take full advantage of. It doesn’t help that the IRS is hardly willing to tell you everything you need to know about reducing the amount of money you have to pay them! Read more about exploring your tax-write offs at

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