Is Your Office a Mess? Learn the Importance of a Well-Kept Office

A tidy room is a tidy mind

Depending on what type of business you run, your potential clients and customers could be waltzing into your offices to speak with you, discuss business and ultimately make deals. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you make your office presentable.

Whether you’re building your first office or planning to refurbish your existing one, don't neglect the importance of making it presentable to anyone that walks in. Here are some tips to convince you to make your workplace presentable.

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It attracts employees

Whenever you recruit a new employee or start the interviewing process you need to make a good first impression. Employees are more likely to stick around if they know their employer is serious about their well-being, the environment and of course, their working conditions. If your new interviewees see depressed workers struggling with broken and failing computer parts then their first impressions of your workplace won’t be great.

A great trick to motivate potential recruits is to decorate your office. For example, you could get martin awards that congratulate specific workers or employees of the month and hang them on the walls around your office or in the general working area, or allow your employees to decorate their workspaces with awards and personal belongings so that when your new recruits walk past, they’ll notice that you care about how your employees and reward them for doing a good job.

Clients will take you more seriously

A run-down office with broken walls and uneven flooring won’t do you any good when it comes to serious business clients. You need a boardroom for meetings and it has to be presented in a luxurious and professional way. Don’t expect to make any deals when you’re forcing your business clients to sit in plastic folding chairs and drink coffee from plastic cups. Get some luxurious chairs, buff up and polish the table, get a proper coffee machine and some mugs that are branded with your business name.

People are more likely to trust your business when you can present an air of professionalism—even if you want to promote a casual and laid back working atmosphere. This counts for customers, clients and even your current staff.

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For health and safety reasons

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Leaving machinery lying around or stacking computer components and parts on top of rickety tables is a sure way to injure someone. You can’t expect to maintain a safe working area if you aren’t taking office organisation seriously, and if your office is a complete mess then there are accidents just waiting to happen.

Instead of waiting for this ticking time bomb to go off, take your health and safety matters seriously or else your workplace inspector won’t be thrilled that your office is a mess. Refurbish it, clean up any mess, sort out broken pieces of furniture and replace anything that doesn’t work anymore or serves no purpose. This includes old outdated machinery, keeping cables hidden so people don’t trip up and also throwing out appliances and furniture that are on their last legs. You’re running a business office, so act like a leader and equip your staff (and yourself) with the necessary tools to carry out work without fearing for your safety.

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