Top articles of 2016

The following are a selection of five articles that were the most popular on over 2016:

1) What Businesses Can Learn From The Success Of Pokémon Go

The article has had about 43,000 views in 2016. The article analyses what it was that made the launch of Pokémon Go such a success this year and then tries to translate that into business tips to be used by anyone.

It's quite a quick read - only about 550 words. Why not give it a try if you're business person and are looking for some new and innovative marketing ideas.

2) Science of Wealth

The Science of Wealth article has had about 36,000 views to date. The article breaks down what the magical formula to wealth creation is. Don't worry, it's not rocket science! Wealth is broken down into a simple and easy to follow formula. Want to know what it takes to become a multi-millionaire then this article is a must read.

3) The Key Questions To Inspire Home-Based Business Success

The Key Questions to Inspire Home-Based Business Success has had about 10,000 views to date, however was only published in late October this year.

The article discusses what you would need to do and how you could be effective whilst working from home. The article includes information on productivity, clients and funding.

4) My CFD Experiment Failure

My CFD Experiment Failure has had over 9,000 views and details a period in my life when I tried to make money from trading CFDs (contract for differences). It formed the basis of why I think spread betting and CFD trading is extremely dangerous for 99% of the investing public.

If you think you're good at making money from CFD trading or spread betting then have a read of this article and then get involved in the debate in the comments section.

5) Turning Forex Trading Into Additional Income Source

Turning Forex Trading Into Additional Income Source has had over 9,000 views. This was a guest post by another finance writer and forms the perfect alternative position to 'My CFD Experiment Failure'. It explains how money can be made from only foreign exchange trading.

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