Reimagining the Workplace: The Office in a Post-COVID World


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Many people now believe that it is time to abandon the office for good. Many people may very well embrace the digital nomad lifestyle right now, but due to the pandemic it's not about getting rid of the office once and for all, but about rethinking the entire approach. Offices are certainly beneficial, but what can we do to ensure that our workers are getting the best of both worlds? Can an office be effective in the post-COVID world?

Redesigning the Workplace

You may already have an existing office, or you may feel you need one, but now it's time to move on. Because people are moving away from busy city centers, this is the perfect opportunity to set up an office. Landlords and property owners are desperate to rent to businesses and contractors. But we need to think about redesigning the working environment for the modern employee who has had a taste of life outside the office, but it's not the cheapest thing in the world. When you think of the cost of a EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and the additional costs relating to health and safety to get your office up to speed, in conjunction with making it an environment that is more conducive to productivity and collaboration, there can be a significant amount of expenses. Collaboration is the thing that we are missing the most by having our workers dispersed. Perhaps getting rid of cubicles is the first port of call?

Finding People That Are Suitable for an Office (and Who Are Not)

Everybody has their own environments in which they thrive. Because there's been a significant amount of talent and competition vying for pole position we naturally want to bring the best onboard. But at the same time, those that are more talented are less likely to relocate. This means that we have to construct our work and understand what really can be done remotely. This may mean that we have to upgrade our technology. But when we reclassify certain roles, we have to consider if they can be fully remote, hybrid remote, on-site, or hybrid remote by exception. These four categories will result in various challenges, but will also need additional training.

Changing How the Work Is Done

It's not just about what is done. During the lockdown, businesses have needed to readapt and ensure that collaboration is still a priority. While it has worked well for many businesses, some have struggled. This is why it's so crucial for every company to identify the most important processes in relation to its functions and locations. We may need to reinvent the wheel with our employees contributing to this process. Examining the professional journey of an individual, based on their job title and duties, can mean having a mix of remote and on-site staff. The current office environment is like a ghost town. But we have to remember that an office is integral to how a business works effectively. Not just in relation to collaboration and benefitting the business. But we also need to remember that it is so important for employees to have that tangible ability to communicate in the same room. One day the pandemic will be over, but how we will have rethought our approaches to work will have changed forever.

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