How to Become a Digital Nomad

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When you have a successful online business, one of the greatest advantages is the potential for travel. Becoming a digital nomad has become more and more popular, with thousands of people now working remotely whilst traveling to stunning locations across the globe. The more lucrative your business, the greater the luxuries you can allow yourself, from accommodation to experiences. Being a digital nomad is like combining work and holiday for the greatest adventure of your life - but taking that first step and booking a flight can feel like a massive step into the unknown. How can you plan for this lifestyle change, ensuring that your business doesn’t miss a step in the process?

Set up an address

The main issue many business owners find with moving their entire practice to remote working is that they lack a business address where they can receive important mail. It also doesn’t look great on business cards if you don’t have a professional, inner-city address. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. You can pay for a premium virtual office with a receptionist service that can answer calls, receive mail and forward it to you, and provides a professional location for your remote business. This can give you the freedom to explore the world as you’ve always wanted, just make sure to get it set up well in advance!

Check your time zones

As you travel and work, the most important thing you’ll need to keep track of is what time zone you will be in, especially in relation to the ‘home country’ of your business. This may limit where you can travel unless you’re happy to be working at 3 am so you can take that important business call that’s come up? Alternatively, before you start traveling, see if there’s a way you can transition your business to a flexi-time model. How much do you lose by setting a voicemail message up, or email notification, so that your contacts know you will get back to them during your daylight hours? These are important questions to ask yourself before you get started, to ensure your colleagues and clients are fully prepared for the shift.

Invest in your tech

When you’re traveling around the world, you may find yourself in locations where repairs and maintenance are not easy to come by. You’ll also be relying on your equipment - namely, your laptop and your business phone - to keep you connected to work, and so it’s vitally important you have tech you can rely on. Your laptop needs to be high-functioning and as light as possible whilst still sturdy, so you can carry it about with you without worrying about it breaking at the slightest knock. The same is true of your phone, and of any other equipment you need to do your job remotely. Security may also be an issue - you don’t want to have your laptop stolen - so make sure you invest in a secure carrying bag, padlocks, and great internal security so no one can get access to your business documents.

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