Tips For Doing Business Globally

It is the dream of most small businesses to go global or at least work on a worldwide scale. And, with the help of the internet, that is even more possible now than it ever has been before. But how do you genuinely manage a business that is working on a global scale?

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Time Wise

Although you have probably been vigilant with your own time, and very organized. But now you have to take into consideration the time zone of the other businesses and freelancers that you work with. There will be some video call meetings that will require you to be wise awake and ready to work in the middle of the night or very early morning. So factor that into any business moves you are going to make. 

Plan Early

When you decided that you want to work on a large scale, and outside of your own country, you need to plan that into your growth plan early on. It will be a big learning curve because some products and taglines will work in one country but not another. You’ll need to be hot on your metrics and figure out what is, and is not working. 


All of the groundwork that you put into your home country market, you are going to need to do in your intended new market. The more you are familiar with the country’s demographics, the better you will be able to position and market your brand or services. Another key element is going to be researching the competition. 

What’s In A Name

Well, a lot. If you aren’t a household name, then you are going to hold to weight when you move into that market. There are some countries that ban specific words and symbols and others that your logo may have a very different meaning. So pay close attention to customs and culture and see if your business name will work. 


If you are making global moves, there will be some language issues. In order to tackle them to the best of your ability, you should hire the right types of translators. For example, if you want to enter the french market, then you would employ French copywriters, French legal translators and work with French business translators too. This will ensure that nothing will get lost in translation. Not only that, it makes your products and services accessible to the customer.


While almost everything can be done online, the best way to get a feel for the market and the country that you want to make waves in - is by going there. And if you're going to really get the best out of the tripe, hiring a guide and booking some meetings with freelancers, SME owners and others in your sector is a good move. 

Expanding your business globally doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. Being aware of the culture, customs, and putting in the right market research will have you making sales in no time at all.

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