4 Things That Negatively Affect A Store’s Customer Experience

Running a store is about much more than the exchange of money for goods. That’s the fundamental aspect, but any store owner who sets up their shop with just this idea in mind will find that they don’t get very far. Today, it’s about the shopping experience. From the beginning to the end, stores need to ensure that the customer enjoys the process. You need to dress up the act of shopping. There are some recurring issues that have a negative influence on shoppers, as we’ll see below. Make sure your store isn’t guilty of any of them!

Hard to Find

It’s in everyone’s interest that your shop is easy to find. You’ll be able to attract more people, and you’ll prevent frustrating your customers before they’ve even stepped inside your store. If you’re not in the main shopping area, then you’ll want to put up signs so that people who are trying to find you can do so easily. If you have a carpark that is in an area that’s not obvious, then make sure that’s signposted too. And talking of signs -- make sure that yours is in one piece and clear. It’ll be one of the first things that give your customer an impression of your store. 

Dirty Spaces

People want to shop in clean, tidy stores. Indeed, this is one of the things that factors into the first impression. People can sense when a place isn’t as clean as it could or should be. For the inside of your store, you’ll want to hire a cleaner to keep things in tip-top condition: your staff will lack the training and time to keep things sufficiently clean. As well as cleaning the interior, make sure that everything is well-organized; a layout that doesn’t make any sense will frustrate customers. Don’t forget the outside area of your store, either, especially if you have a car park. You can sweep the floor, and use hydroblasting to remove chewing gum that’s stuck to the floor. If everything is clean and tidy, then you’ll find it easier to create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Poor Decor

A customer wants to feel like the shop they’re in has put in some effort to make it look good. If you’ve put minimal -- or no -- thought into your decor, then you can’t blame the customer if they’re less than impressed. Always remember that your decor will reflect your business whether you want it to or not. If you’ve got old, tired interior decoration, then that’s how your customers will perceive your store. If you’re not sure how to get things right, look at working with a freelance interior decorated to improve things.

Staff Over/Underload

Finally, remember to always have the correct number of staff working in your store, and to train them well. The key is to try and be a presence without interfering too much. Available when a customer needs something, but not overbearing. Also, make sure you’re hiring friendly people -- it’ll make everything much easier. 

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