3 Ways For Your Retail Store To Stand Out

Whether you have been running your retail store for some time now, you are looking to open up a new venture or you are looking at taking your online store offline, it can be a real challenge to stand out. In a sea of other retail outlets, yours could get lost, so what can you do to make sure that that does not happen? We have a few ideas for you, so do read on as we share 3 ways for your retail store to stand out.

Give your store a makeover

Try to look at your store through fresh eyes, or better still, ask friends and customers to do so for you. How could it be better laid out? How easy is it to find everything that you need? If you rearranged things could you make more of a statement?

It is worth thinking about whether your business would benefit from a bespoke exhibition stand or a state of the art sound system, as it can be things like this can help you to stand out and really stick in a customer’s mind. What you choose to prioritise changing will vary according to the sector that you are working in and the vision that you have for your store, but make it bold and make it different. 

Make a big song and dance about it

When was the last time that you walked by a store that had promotions taking place, perhaps a DJ, face painting for the kids, fun competitions, dancing and balloons? We can already answer that one for you, because it will be never. People simply do not walk on by when there is clearly lots going on. People are curious and don’t want to miss out. 

To launch or relaunch a store, try having a proper open day with lots of fun things like this happening, and tailor them to your own specialty. For example, if you are a bookstore, maybe work it all around an author signing session or popular new book release. 

Promote it in advance on social media and in the local press and make sure that you plan and prepare for it to be a busy day. This is your chance to attract new people and put yourself on the map so make the most of every opportunity. 

Offer customers the easy life

You will want it to be easy for your customers to find you, park near you and buy from you. People are busy, they don’t have loads of free time to spend searching for and shopping in your store. You want to be the store that they talk about with their friends as one to try as you were a pleasure to deal with.

Ensure that you have clear and eye catching signage and make your website easy to navigate. Detail where is best to park in order for customers to pop in to see you. If appropriate, set up a coffee bar or at least a water filter in store to tempt people to spend a little more time with you and to make them comfortable. Make sure that everything is easy to find in store and that you have a range of payment options available. 

Spending time making your store super customer friendly and delivering excellent service will make you stand out. 

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