Are You Stuck In The Office This Summer?

You'll need some help in keeping you and your staff as cool as possible!

There is nothing worse in the summer months than having no vacation time to take and being stuck in the office. You can see the sunshine streaming through the window, and you can see those who have clocked off nursing sweating, cold drinks in the bars along the street. The temperature is rising, but you slog it out every day - and this can change how productive you are. Whether you are working inside or out, working in hot weather isn't the easiest thing to do. It's so important to ensure that you are doing whatever you can to keep you and your staff cool over the summer, and it's why we've got these four genius ways to keep everyone comfortable this year:

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Free Drinks!

You may already offer tea and coffee for free within your office kitchen, but it's the summer, which means that you need to think ahead. Stock the refrigerator with bottles of water and make sure that you're handing them out several times a day. The last thing that you need is any of your staff members overheating and collapsing at work. To jazz it up, perhaps have some jugs filled with cut fruit and water in the refrigerator for a natural flavoring.

Maintain The Air Conditioner

If you have built-in commercial/industrial air conditioning in the office, you should make sure that it's in good working order at the start of the summer. The last thing that you want is to find that your aircon claps out in the office at the hottest part of the season and your staff is left melting. Maintenance ensures that you get the best from your air conditioning over the summer, and your team feels comfortably relaxed.

Smash Social Time

If you mix social time with the last few hours on a Friday, you can start offering popsicles or ice cream during the final Friday roundup. It gives everyone the chance to cool right down while keeping the meeting as productive as possible, too. You can also offer your staff the opportunity to see you a little more laid back and relaxed.

Sports Day

No one wants to spend time running around in the heat; it's not healthy, anyway. However, you can plan an annual summer event where you can create a day of activities surrounding water sports. Team bonding and water balloon catch is so much more fun if the day is a splashing bonanza. Similarly to the company Christmas party, the summer sports day can be an excellent time to get everyone working together and bonding in some healthy competition.

You have to remember that the staff is spending much of their day working for you. The least that you could do as a business is to work with them and let them unwind a little while they're there.

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