Out of Office- 5 Career Ideas For People Who Don't Like Desk Jobs

Desk jobs definitely have their merits. They tend to involve working ‘sociable’ 9-5 hours, and you get to work in a cosy office which is protected from the elements. As far as danger goes, office jobs tend to be low risk- aside from slips, trips and falls you’re probably not going to get injured on the job doing this kind of work. However, office jobs aren't for everyone, and they’re some people’s idea of a nightmare. Being surrounded by colleagues or having a boss breathing down your neck isn’t ideal if you prefer to work by yourself. Office jobs tend to be very sedentary and a little dull where you’re staring at the same four walls every day and more than likely doing the same kinds of tasks. If you’d prefer to do something that’s away from an office environment, here are a few career ideas that might suit you better.

Driving jobs
Love being out on the roads? Driving jobs can be ideal for some people as you have a certain amount of freedom- while you’ll have a list of tasks and deadlines to meet, for the most part you get to build your own routes and do things your way. Most driving jobs involve working alone which is ideal if you prefer this kind of working environment. Driving jobs could involve long or short haul deliveries, working as a mail man/ woman or even Uber/ taxi jobs. If you have the right car and some taxi insurance this can be a great way to make money part time or full time depending on your situation. 

Factory/ warehouse work
Factory and warehouse work can be hard work, but if you prefer something more active rather than sitting at a desk then this will be for you. You could be on an assembly line, working on a machine, as a maintenance person, picking and packing or any other kind of role in this environment. In many warehouse and factory roles you won’t need previous experience or qualifications so if you’re looking to get into a new line of work something like this could be a good choice. 

Healthcare is a very active kind of career. Whether you’re a nurse, healthcare worker or other kind of health worker you’ll be running round after patients, be involved in lifting and will generally be on your feet all day. As you’re working with people it’s incredibly rewarding, and again it’s the kind of field where you can start from the bottom with no experience and work your way up.

Running your own business
When you run your own business, you have the freedom to do whichever role you want, you can then hire staff to tackle the other jobs. Because you call the shots there’s plenty of flexibility and no need to be stuck behind a desk if you don't want to be.

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