Automation is Everything in Business Now

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It’s no secret anymore: automation is now the key to making a business more profitable and keeping your customers happy. In fact, automation has been around for a long time, it’s only now, with the help of smarter computer networks that it is beginning to integrate more and more processes within a business.

So, you’re a small business, maybe only a few employees. How can automation help you?

Automation might sound like a huge process only suited to large corporations, but when you think about it, small businesses are the ones who can benefit most from automatic processes. This is because automation is significantly cheaper than getting a human to do the job manually, plus, it is usually a lot more effective and consistent.

Here are 3 ways you should consider adding automation into your business plan to increase your profits overnight.

Automate Your Email

Email is one of the first and easiest areas of your business you can automate. In fact, automated emails are nothing new. But what companies are doing with automated emails is pushing marketing opportunities into the 21st Century by combining the data you collect from your customers with the marketing message you want to send.

Utilizing the information that customers give to you quite willingly to inform your marketing strategy is the perfect way to deliver personalised emails. Perhaps you could use your customer’s search history to recommend new products to them or send them birthday wishes each year. Whatever you do, automation means that your computer system will do it all for you: no need to manage the data or remember to hit send manually.

Automate Your Ad Spots

Online ads are almost a necessity for modern businesses. As people are more likely to see an online ad than a billboard, it is important that you can get your target audience’s attention at the right time. One company who is making the most of automation to achieve this is MoPub. They use programmatic real-time bidding to get your business the best ad slots at the perfect time, making the most of your investment.

As online advertising is becoming increasingly competitive, it makes sense to do everything you can optimize your ad. There is no point in wasting money on an ad slot in the wrong place. Much better to let the experts do it for you.

Introducing Chatbots

For the most part, automation is a single transaction: information goes in, automated result comes out. And yet, chatbots are becoming so sophisticated that they can hold what feels like a conversation with any user. Though they are confined to a script for now, chatbots are definitely on their way to something special and once the AI nut has been cracked, we could all be spending quite a lot of our time talking to robots, not people.

People are already warming to the idea of talking to a chatbot and many are quite happy to allow one to direct them around a website. Though you will still need a human customer service team to deal with the problems, a chatbot can save time by establishing what the issue is and directing the call to the right person.

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