Nine Ways to Make Your Office Your Employees' Second Home

If you want your employees to feel at home in the office and treat each other with respect, you will need to create an atmosphere that will help you increase collaboration and improve collaboration. From the decor of the office to allowing them to personalize their workspace, and listen to music - if appropriate -, there  are proven ways of creating an open and friendly space in your office where your workers will feel happy. Below you will find a few tips on how to turn your boring office into a stunning collaborative space.

1.    Allow them to Stay Comfortable

It is important that you listen to your individual employees’ needs and requests. Those who suffer with lower back pain could benefit from standing desks, even if they are only available on the “hot desk” basis. They will feel better working on the computer, and love the change of perspective, while protecting their health. If you have handicapped employees, make sure that they get the support they need. Visually impaired workers might need an extra software installed on their computer to do their job well. Create a workspace assessment regularly to make sure the desks and chairs are adjusted correctly.

2.              Adequate Breakout Areas

If you don’t let your employees relax and chill when they are stressed out, or need time off, your office productivity will suffer. You should create a breakout area where they can withdraw when they need to have a chat with their supervisor, or need to take time off the computer. You can help your workers connect with each other better and build stronger relationships if you give them the opportunity to socialize during breaks and lunch hours.

3.              Let Them Control the Light


One of the reasons some employees are unhappy with their workspace arrangements is because they don’t get enough natural light, or they indeed get too much, and they are distracted by the reflection on their computer screen. If you install clever shades or blinds, you can make sure everyone is happy with the amount of light coming in through the windows, and protect the vision of everyone in the office. Check out to find out more about your shading options. Just as you want to get the temperature right in the office, you need to pay attention to shading, as well.

4.              Let Them Take Their Pets

If you allow your employees to take their pets to work on certain days, they will be more likely to feel at home. A pet friendly workplace can improve the mood in the office, reduce stress, and create a friendlier atmosphere. If you would like to introduce this on a trial basis, you might want to create a pet area where the four-legged friends can chill out in the day, and wait for their owners’ break when they can go for a walk around the office block.  

5.              Get Them Plants

If you are not keen on pets running around the office, but still want to give your employees something to look forward to every day, you can gift them small plants that they can place on their desk. This will help them focus more, and green is known for calming people down. Even if they don’t feel like coming to the office, they might remember that their cactus needs watering this week. If you want to nurture the competitive spirit in the office, you might want to let your workers compete on whose plant grows more or is greener.

6.              Coffee Machines

Office and coffee breaks come hand in hand. Some of your office workers might be used to having their regular caffeine boost during the day, and if there are no bars or coffee shops around, you might want to invest in a coffee machine for the office. You can let your employees work out how to fund the coffee; either by contributions, or someone else bringing in milk, ground coffee, and sugar every week. By not having to settle for the instant coffee or the one that comes out of the vending machine, they can enjoy a good brew just like at home.

7.              Kitchenette

In case your office is in a remote location, you should be thinking about creating some basic kitchen facilities for your employees to warm up their lunch or get their instant soup ready. They will appreciate your effort, and spend more time talking to each other, connecting with their colleagues, and feeling more at home than having to go to the canteen or the local pub for lunch.

8.              Flexible Working

Employees with parental or care responsibilities will appreciate flexible working. If your business model allows this, offer them the choice of hours, and let them pop out during the day to check on an elderly relative or get their shopping done. From a shorter lunch break and earlier finish or later start to a split shift for part time workers, there are several ways you can show your appreciation and make them feel like they are a part of the family.

9.              Perks and More Perks

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No matter which facilities you set up in the office, you will need to consider your employees’ priorities. Whether they would like a gaming area or a bike rack, you need to find out. Get one of your managers to set up an employee team to discuss the options and come up with a proposal for workplace changes that will make them feel better about working for you.


Keeping all employees at the office is close to impossible. Making sure that they feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, and they can get rid of their stress whenever they need to is simple if you listen to their feedback. Ask them for suggestions, and consider the location of your commercial building, your existing facilities, as well as their background and priorities. Small things like being able to have a fresh coffee at the office or nipping out to check on an elderly relative can make a lot of difference for your office workers.

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