Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

Making money by other means

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Nothing beats a full-time job - satisfaction, regular income, pride, and progression.
But, if you’re looking for an additional source of income and don’t have the time to pick up an extra part-time role, what can you do?

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Fortunately, the world we live in has plenty of financial opportunities. The following options won’t be replacing your main source of income anytime soon, but they can give you a decent boost if you need it.

Completing surveys

You’d be lucky to find a survey provider that dishes out huge sums for a single one, but completing dozens? You can pocket a small amount of cash for a mere 30 minutes work.
But how does it work? Well, firstly, you need to create an account with a relevant site, and begin punching in your answers! It can get tedious, but if you stick it out - even just 2 hours a week - you can see a slight boost to your cash flow.
Plus, you could easily do this on the bus, train or in the car from your mobile. It’s not restricted to your house.


As trading becomes more and more common, it becomes easier and easier for your average Joe to attempt. Penny stocks are a good place to start, offering a low starting investment with the potential for decent returns.
Unlike completing surveys, trading is passive. You can initiate the process, then watch the money roll in at a different time. Although it is becoming more common, it’s still not easy to try if you’re new to this game.
But, online help is plentiful. A source like is one of many that offers advice on the act of trading. I’d recommend you start with a risk-free investment, so you can build up skill and confidence.

Rent out a room

If you’re comfortable living with a stranger, then renting out a room can be an easy source of steady income.
Indeed, it’s not unreasonable to charge hundreds per week, especially if you throw in breakfast and bills. You can cover your monthly electricity and water bills with one week's payment, which isn’t something to be snorted at.
Of course, you’ll need to keep the room clean and tidy to be able to charge the big bucks, but this is easy to do. Just make sure you conduct background checks into any potential tenants.

Grow and sell fruits/vegetables

The demand for locally sourced produce is high - it’s another USP that supermarkets can slap on their products. And what’s more, that USP could be you - freshly grown, locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables from your garden.
There are dozens of places to glean advice on easy to grow veggies, much like Once you’ve chosen your food, get growing - take your time to see the best results.

Then a farmers market is the way to go. They allow anyone to set up a small stand to flog their wares - you’ll need basic permissions, but after that you’re all set. People will pay more for organic too, so bear that in mind.

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