Delay tactics for cash flow

Conserve your cash flow

Bills should never be allowed to build up. Delay tactics can be a useful way to allow you to give yourself some breathing room:

I must caveat this article with a clear instruction: always pay your bills on time. It is against UK not to pay what you owe.

Big outgoings with new home purchases

When purchasing a home there are several large outgoings initially: purchase price, stamp duty, legal fees, mortgage fees, mortgage outgoings, fixture and fittings. With all these outgoings you may find that cash flow may become a little tight. There are a few outgoings that you may choose to delay in order to aid your cash flow. Note however that you will eventually need to pay all amounts owed.

Broadband - did you need this straight away. Until you've actually moved into the flat then please do not organise for the installation of or pay for broadband.

TV licence - just because your new property has received angry warning messages in the post does not mean that you automatically need to pay for TV licence. It's simple, if you're not yet living there and or you don't yet have a TV then no need to pay for a TV licence.

Energy bills - of course if you're not living there then no need to pay. Hopefully no energy is being used! You may wish to start paying for energy bills earlier in which case you will start to accrue 'overpayment' of energy bills. This is good as in the future (following a later meter reading) your monthly direct debit may fall.

Water bills - this is normally a set amount for the property. Very little benefit in paying for that in advance of you moving in.

Council tax - strictly you should start to pay this the date that you own the property. Should you wish to delay then the amount will rack up. Councils normally allow a month or two for you to become settled into your new place. Delay too long though and you may find that you have accrued too much debt! Be warned!

Mortgage - prior to paying the first mortgage payment you may be able to call up the mortgage Company and delay the first payment until later. Note that this will only result in you having to pay the mortgage for much longer!

Well that's about it really. Good luck!

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