One man's trash is another man's treasure

Making money

Selling old items online is easier than most people think. I recently managed to sell a load of old junk (to me anyway) and made about £400 over three months. Why not consider giving it a go:

Most people have too much stuff! Every so often they have a spring clean and dump or donate a large chunk of it: old electronics, clothes, books, games etc.

Do you want to make money from your old things?

Whilst it's very admirable to give away your old stuff to charity I wonder whether you're doing this because you don't know what else to do with all of your old possessions or because it is out of a genuine need to help those less fortunate than yourself? Regardless of your motive have you ever considered selling your old possessions?

If you haven't sold used items previously then you're probably assuming that it's a big hassle that isn't worth the effort. You would be wrong.

eBay is a good first port of call

Virtually anything can be sold on platforms such as eBay. I've managed to sell old pictures for £6 each that I originally bought for £10. Stick on the postage and packing and you've made a nice £6 profit per item! You would have made £0 profit otherwise!

Old mobile phones can make a decent return. An iPhone 4 can make roughly £80 and a Blackberry about £20. After a while all of your selling pays off and you'll have made a tidy sum.

Selling online can be a bit of a faff - especially listing the item, making sure it's in the right category, putting up a description and a couple of photos. However, the whole process can be sped up if you manage to find a similar item eBay to the one that you're selling. There's a button to "sell similar item" which prepopulates most of the fields. In addition, you could use your mobile phone to take the picture and fill in all the details. eBay have a brilliant app that makes posting new items possible within a couple of minutes.

Not just eBay

Other than eBay there are even specialist platforms for old books, CDs and DVDs that pay you for the postage and packing as well. It's so simple. Just search for "money for old books" etc into a google. You write the ISBN code (found on the back of the book, CD or DVD) into the website and they tell you how much your items are worth. Then you print off the delivery stamp they email you, box up your items and drop the whole lot off at the post office. No need to worry about paying for delivery as its all sorted!

Give it a try and make money...

If you haven't ever sold any items online I strongly recommend that you give it a go. Not only will you make some extra cash but it'll give you a real sense of empowerment and entrepreneurship. Go on. Give it a go!

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