How to Make Your Stand A Show Stopper

 For most businesses, an exhibition is a chance to get their business name out there and to show an audience interested in what they can offer, exactly what they can do. Industry events such as exhibitions are used by businesses to help others to make good purchasing decisions. You put everything into your stand so that it stands out, from the decor that you use to the freebies that you offer. If more and more people come to see your stand, you are more likely to have sign-ups to your email list and future customers, too.

Your marketing strategy should always include some exhibition dates. You can have the right banners and the right signage to show off what you offer, but more than anything, you need to make sure that you are better than the rest. So, with this in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can get your stand standing out for your next exhibition date.

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Begin With Your Story

You can use signage that is vague and colourful, and banner printing from the right company will help. But you really do need to consider the message you want to convey. You don't want to fade into the background in a space where stands like yours are right next door. You don't want to be wallpaper in a huge exhibition show; you want to be the eye-catching option that people pay attention to. You can focus on telling the story that your brand can tell, as story narratives are the most immersive out there. You can engage and help people to understand your business, and you want to achieve all of this when people walk by you. They should take a look at your business stand and know that you are the right place they should be. Every element of your stand should tell a story, from the lighting to the technology you use.

What Do The Visitors Want?

Your whole exhibition mission should be to find out what your guests will want - and then offer it to them. You have to make people feel relaxed, so treat them as you would if they turned up at the office. The stand you have at an exhibition is where your brand will live. Make your visitors feel relaxed and offer them something to eat and drink - coffee machine coffee and a doughnut will do! A free, quality coffee can make a huge difference to the way that people perceive your brand. If people see your brand flying properly, they’re going to know that they are in the right place for what you are offering. Look at your budget and make sure that you can offer what your visitors want. You won’t regret knowing that you are able to offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

What Would Your Visitors Never Expect?

If there is one thing that you want from your guests, it’s that you want them to be amazed. You want them to go away and talk about what your business is offering them. You want to be the must-see stand in any exhibition and your audience will be able to recommend your business to others if you are. So, what would your visitors never expect to see from your business? Whatever that is, offer it to them and make sure that they know you can break the mould. Doing this proves that you are able to think outside the box, and your visitors will be looking for a business that can do just that! Go big with your technology - people won’t expect that! Visitors expect to see technology but you can be bigger and better. Why not use VR or AR technology and see how they affect your visitors? You want to make sure that you are unforgettable!

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Could You Be Exclusive?

Where you can, you want to offer your businesses an experience that they won’t find anywhere else. You want to ensure that your launch event is where you can present your product or service and you could use the exhibition to offer something new. Exclusivity encourages people to buy further products because they’ve had the privilege of road-testing something for your business that no one else has used or seen. You can go with USB sticks, branded pens, portable cell chargers - you can even brand a bag of coffee roast and offer that! If you ensure that your experience or gift is an exclusive one, you’re going to be able to encourage visitors to share pictures and this can then drive even more organic reach. 

A Warm Welcome

No exhibition stand with banners flying and gifts aplenty will be popular if you don't make people feel welcome when they arrive. Your event team is the best thing that you could have here because they are there to engage your guests. If your team has the energy and the fun, they're going to bring people to your exhibition stand doors. You want to be a brand that sells its expertise, and you can only do that if your team is on board to give a welcome unlike anyone else. Connections matter if you want your business to be remembered. If you need to, outsource and get a team in that will be the well-presented, energetic team you need for your brand. The most important thing is that you want to make people feel comfortable and at ease with your offerings. This means allowing your team to be human in their interaction, and make sure that they are involved, well-spoken and smiling. 

An exhibition is your chance to stop people in their tracks. The best way that you can do that is by ensuring that your stand has everything from signage and freebies to good people and a fantastic team. Take these suggestions on board and watch how quickly your brand is going to rise against all of the others at the same exhibition. You want to be the brand that counts the most - and you can be!

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