Three Things Your Website Could Be Missing Out On

Picture by Domenico Loia from Unsplash - CC0 Licence 

Whether you've created a website from scratch with Wix or used a marketing company. The digital marketing sphere is always changing, and so there are always new changes you can make to your site to benefit its performance. 

The ideas mentioned improve your site's optimization and its visibility to your target audience online. While also increasing engagement on the site, to entice and retain customers to shop around. 

And so, without further ado, here are three things your website could be missing out on! Some of which you can incorporate yourself, or otherwise send off to your web designer to add-on for you.


People prefer videos to reading. Videos are easier to digest, and usually much more entertaining. 

However, at the moment, only 50% of companies use video as part of their marketing strategy. Therefore, making a video could be an excellent way for you to distinguish your business from competitors. Not to mention that 64% of people who watch a video on a company's website are likely to purchase from that business.

A video will make an excellent addition to your website. Select a media company with creativity and experience, such as fable studios, to ensure you receive an innovative, engaging, memorable motion picture that will impress and resonate with customers. 

Mobile Optimisation

Your site could be missing out on a higher search ranking and a monumental amount of traffic by not being mobile optimized. 

Google made a proposition a few years ago, coined by marketers and journalists as mobilegeddon. Defining it's in the interests of website owners to optimize their site for mobile. Those who did would achieve a better ranking on Google search pages, therefore more likely to be seen by potential customers. 

Moreover, mobile optimization has become an expectation by users. Customers, including yourself, get easily frustrated when trying to use a site that you need to pinch in and zoom in with your fingers. And so, if you haven't already, adapt your website to fit a tablet and mobile device. In doing so, you'll please Google's indexers, and customers are more likely to stay on your site when using devices other than their PC.

Blog Page

If you don't have a blog page. Your site is missing out, and your customers are too. A blog is an opportunity for your company to flex its expertise through how-to guides and articles relevant to your business. Articles work to retain customers on your site - of course, they need to be written well and ideally help the reader somehow. 

Your site isn't reaching its full potential without a blog page because a blog also increases your sites ranking in the organic search listings. Boosting its visibility online. Moreover, regular, fresh, SEO quality content updated to the blog also enhances your site's ranking.

The website is the official online platform for your business, it's your virtual store, and it has many jobs to fulfill. From enticing customers to being found and maintaining people on your site. This is why continuously updating and looking for new components for your site is imperative for it to succeed. Not just today, but forever!

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