5 Effective Ways to Get Your Logo Out There


Getting your logo out there is one of the best ways you can promote your business. Ideally, you want your branding to be memorable and for customers to associate it immediately with your leading products or services in the field. Once you’ve created an eye-catching design, you need to get your logo and branding seen across a variety of platforms. These include online in advertising and social media, and on promotional material at real-life events. Here are five effective ways to get your logo out there.

PPC advertising

Online advertising is an effective way to get your logo seen. You can opt for pay per click advertising so you can reach out to your target audience more easily. You can include ad banners on targeted eCommerce sites and other relevant websites. Google Ads is a great place to start as their algorithm will find appropriate sites for your business. You can find more tips online on how to improve your PPC results and really boost your ad campaign. 

Social Media

First of all, you need a strong presence on social media yourself. Keep your branding consistent throughout your accounts and include your logo where possible to draw attention. You can find apps online for a logo design for social media, so you can adapt your logo to various platforms.

Influencer marketing is also an effective way to promote your business. You can pay for a banner ad on an influencer’s page. This is a successful way to build trust in your target audience. You can also encourage referral marketing, so your loyal customers forward on vouchers with your logo in order to receive a reward or discount.

On your commercial vehicle

If you regularly use a commercial vehicle, such as a bike, car, van, or even truck, it will look more professional if it’s decorated with your logo. There are many benefits to branding your van. Your business will appear more legitimate when you arrive to meet customers. You’ll also attract attention while you’re driving around in public. 

Business cards and stationery

Print your logo on all materials and stationery you use such as business cards and letterheads. Printers and designers can create the perfect stationery with your logo. This way you’ll have something to hand out to potential clients. You can also use the same designs electronically in your email marketing and online marketing. Consistency is important, so keep the same logo on all your materials. 


Events are the perfect place to get your logo out there. In fact, event marketing has been proven to be very effective. There are plenty of opportunities to display branding with your logo. An event always generates a buzz and people get excited by these sorts of social gatherings. It’s an ideal setting to give out promotional material with your logo on it as well, as everyone likes a free gift. 

There are many more ways to get your logo out there, you’ve just got to be creative, and people will remember your brand.

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