What Catches A Customer's Eye?

Customers come from all walks of life, and have all kinds of opinions on the businesses around them. They know they hold the power to make or break the base profit line, and they’re looking for something eye catching and truly worthy to spend their money with. 

Can you be that business, lining the high street, standing out from all the rest? Or maybe you’re online only, and have billions of other people to contest with for customer attention? 

Well, now’s the time to go through a few things that are sure to catch a customer’s eye, which we’ve listed below for your convenience. 

Something Original

Originality is often key to creativity, and that’s what stands out the most in a customer’s mind. When you have something to say, and a fresh way to say it, you draw the eye, and even catch the attention for more than a few seconds at a time. So, when it comes to setting up a marketing campaign, make sure you think about what’s come before, and how you could be different, or even better, than them. 

It’s why a lot of small businesses choose to get in touch with a bespoke exhibition stand contractor before setting up at a trade show or business conference. When you’re new and shiny, and have something different to show off compared to everyone else on the floor, of course you’re going to stand out! 

Something Relevant

A customer wants a business to be relevant to them; if not, they’re not going to shop there, or even bother clicking on a link or walking through the front door. So, you need to find your audience, and then ensure you look and sound like the kind of business they could shop with. 

Building a baseline with your profits isn’t about attracting as many people as possible, but attracting the right ones. The ones who would be interested in what you’re offering, and know the prices they’re looking for. Make sure to pin down your market, hold focus groups, and build personas to brand towards before setting up shop proper. 

Something That Acknowledges Them

Finally, especially in the modern day and age, customers like a brand that acknowledges them. They like to be seen and heard, and with the invention of the internet, and more specifically, social media platforms, they have a way to get through to even the largest of corporations in the world. 

So, make sure you set up a social media presence, and keep it open for all to see. Take direct messages, answer queries and comments, and make sure you interact with your following. When a customer feels valued, they’ll come back to you, and bring their like minded friends too. 

Catching a customer’s eye involves being present, having something to show off, and using both of these tactics on the right people. Make sure you keep this in mind as you set up your business, and get your marketing campaigns rolling.

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