How to Save Money and Time on Your Office Build-Out

Image by tookapic from Pixabay.

Even simple office build-outs can be quite expensive, drawing a lot of money from your bottom line or pulling you away from the crucial tasks involved in running your business during the project. However, there are some key ways that you can save money and time if you take the right steps planning your office build-out. 

Use or Hire a Project Manager

While it may seem like an extra cost at the outset, using a project manager to direct your office build-out is a vital choice. Unless you have the spare time to manage the project yourself, the build-out will undoubtedly pull you away from the important tasks of operating your business during the building project. 

Whether you hire the project manager yourself, or your construction partner has an in-house project manager assigned to the project, this person performs a critical role. They can expertly evaluate your options, provide you with diagrams of the office space or plan drawings, and give you project budgets and timelines that are vital in the planning and negotiation of your project. Not only will this information help your tenant broker during the negotiation of a tenant improvement (TI) allowance, it will help you better determine when your staff can take occupancy of their new workspace. 

Consider a Cable-Free Office Infrastructure

While your office will definitely need electrical and wiring infrastructure for internet, phones, computers and other office equipment, you may not need much cabling. Advancements in technology have changed the office environment radically, individual data-cabling for computers and landlines is no longer necessary for each workstation. 

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds per employee for individual data-cabling, you might consider implementing a cable-free office infrastructure for your new office build-out. This would entail offering laptops and cell phones instead of desktop computers and landlines, which may reduce other costs as workspaces can be more versatile. 

You will still need to invest in a good WiFi plan, and some areas like the reception area and conference rooms will need some cabling, but your overall infrastructure costs could be far more affordable. 

Select Affordable Build Materials and Office Furniture

Another area where your project manager can help you reduce your office build-out costs is in the sourcing of building materials and office furniture. He or she can take the time to compare costs and quotes to find the best quality materials at the lowest price.

Your project manager can also work directly with your contractor or building company to compare and contrast the different options. Most building companies have agreements with their vendors and only offer some brands for specific products, but there are usually options to choose from for others. You may even be able to source some materials directly from the manufacturer to cut out the middleman and save on your project, like Tecnic sealants and adhesives for sealing office partitions for insulation, sound-proofing and even fire safety. 

As you and your project manager work on your office furniture budget, be sure to consider more affordable alternatives and think about which office areas will require higher quality or more expensive pieces. You may want to spend more on client-facing areas and ergonomic workspaces, and less in the breakroom or employee communal spaces. Don’t forget to take shipping and installation costs into account. Some companies include these fees in their overall price, while others charge extra for them. 

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