Video Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We tend to think of video marketing as something relatively new. But when you think about it, there WAS a world before the internet. And pretty much all the marketing that people watched on their television sets involved motion pictures of one kind or another. 

Then, of course, the internet arrived. And, in its original form, sent us back to the digital equivalent of the stone age. Nineteenth-century phone lines and modems that sounded like Japanese anime characters couldn’t handle video data requirements. Companies, therefore, resorted to blogs and pictures - most of which were pixelated. 

Today, though, we’re in a much happier place when it comes to data rates. And the corporate video production agency is making a comeback. Companies understand almost intrinsically that video is fundamentally the best medium for communicating with audiences. 

The facts about video marketing will blow your mind. Check them out below. 

Every Second, Humanity Uploads A 17,000 Hours Of Video To The Internet

Have you ever wondered whether you can watch all of the video content online? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is now definitely “no!” 

Every second, people all over the world upload around 1 million minutes of video content to data servers - that translates to around 17,000 hours per second. 

And things are unlikely to reverse any time soon. We’ve been on a doubling trend every 18 months. By 2021, we’ll be uploading 34,000 hours per second and so on. 

92 Percent Of People Share Mobile Videos With Their Friends

Marketers are always on the lookout for “amplification.” In other words, they want to create content that people share. 

If you're looking to take this kind of approach, then the data suggest that you’re best off with video. More than nine out of ten people who watch videos on their smartphones share them with their friends, providing ample opportunity for content to go viral - if you’ll excuse the expression. 

Marketers Who Use Video Grow Their Revenues 49 Percent Faster Than Non-Video Users

If your instinct told you that video marketing was the best strategy to drum up interest in your business, it was right. Data from Wordstream suggest that video marketers increase their revenue 49 percent faster than their non-video-using rivals. 

Social Videos Gain More Than 12 Times The Shares Of Images

Sites like Instagram and Pinterest prove that sharing images is a popular past-time. But according to the data, video is by far the most shareable medium. People are more than 12 times more likely to share video content than they are static pictures. 

Branded Video Views Have Increased 250 Percent On Facebook

You might argue that the explosion of video content is mainly down to the popularity of unbranded content. But you’d be wrong. Facebook says that branded video views grew 250 percent over the last couple of years, with no sign of the trend slowing down. The trick for marketers is to create content with genuine value that people can enjoy. If they do, then people will watch. It’s that simple.

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