A Guide To Making Videos That Help To Grow Your Business

Platforms like YouTube and video in general are hugely popular for businesses that want to grow their audience. The great thing about using video for business, is that you can get information across faster, and in a more interesting format. Some people like reading articles, but some will prefer to spend the time watching a video. Not only is it more interesting, people may also choose to share it, and videos have the potential to go viral. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to show off your personality or the personality of your business.

Below, we’ll take a look at some pointers that could help you to make videos that will grow your business. Take a look:

Know Your Brand Voice Down To The Ground
Before you start making videos, you need to know your brand voice and personality down to the ground. You might just think you’ll use your real employees in the videos, and this could be a good idea, but it needs to suit your brand image on camera. You don’t want to confuse people. If your business is very cheery and positive but you choose somebody who seems shy in front of the camera, it likely won’t work well. You could hire actors, but this will cost more money to begin with. It could be better off to start with your team, but make the right decisions. 

Get Help From A Pro Company 
Editing and video production should always be done by a professional company. Unless you have somebody on board who can dedicate the time to editing and video production - which can take a long time - then you’re better off outsourcing this. Your end result will be so much better and your video will both be more watchable and more shareable. 

Aim To Provide Value, Always 
Don’t create videos just for the sake of it - you need to make sure that everything you create is providing value. Are you helping your audience in some way with this video or this topic? Could you create an FAQ, a tutorial, or something else that will help them in the long run? You can find out by really listening to them. 

Promote Your Videos
You can’t just expect your videos to sit there and rack up views. They might eventually, but it’s hard work in the beginning. You need to use things like video ads, and add them to your mailing list. Promote your videos like you would anything else. 

Create Further Generated Leads
You can further generate leads for your company by teaching your audience something in a 5-10 minute video, and then encouraging them to download an ebook or register for a course with you to learn more. There are lots of smart ways you can do this! 

Making videos will help to grow your business providing they are helpful, interesting, and shareable. If you make super long and poorly edited videos, they are unlikely to help you get anywhere at all!

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