Video Marketing Is Hot Trend Right Now. Here's Why

Video is undoubtedly taking over the internet. Already it soaks up something like 80 percent of data traffic over the web. In the future, we could see that figure creeping even higher as companies divert marketing resources into rich media. 

This trend isn’t just about the march of technology. It’s not merely a matter of tech-enabled changes in advertising. There’s full-blown evidence that video is far more effective than other methods of communication. That’s why it has proven so popular. 

Here are some of the trends that make video marketing such a popular tool for businesses, both large and small. 

Video Encourages Social Sharing

Social media is one of the most important platforms on the internet, second only to search. Companies are piling into these platforms, creating content which they hope will thrill their audiences. Unfortunately, the competition is fierce, and attention spans are short. Today, therefore, the only viable strategy is to create video snippets that both entertain and inform. The typical company needs a creative video agency to produce something memorable and compelling and then posts it online. People then enjoy it and share it with their friends, bypassing the need to pay for direct advertising. 

Video Motivates Lazy Buyers

For many people, life is too hectic to spend hours reading reviews and product descriptions. A lot of consumers just want to know there and then whether buying a particular product is worth their while. If the answers aren’t immediately apparent, they’ll put off the decision to some undisclosed point in the future. 

Video, though, is such an easy thing to consume that it can motivate even the laziest of buyers. By providing your customers with information upfront, you short-circuit their apathy and make it easy for them to come to a decision. Either they buy, or they don’t. It’s simple. 

Video Marketing Can Explain Your Products

Some companies - especially those in the software field - have notoriously complicated products. People don’t always know what it is that they’re getting. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to discern the core value proposition. 

Companies in these less clear-cut industries, therefore, can benefit tremendously from video. Unlike text, they can use the medium to explain what they sell in full and outline the benefits to their customers. It takes away all the ambiguity and provides a vehicle for effective communication. 

Video Appeals To Mobile Users

Around 90 percent of consumers consume video on their mobile phones. It is the fastest-growing form of media in the world and has massive penetration. 

Firms who want to keep up with their customers’ browsing habits, therefore, need to consider this megatrend. Video is popular in general - but it is even more so on mobile devices. 

Video Helps You Get Found On Google

Finally, video is something that you can also use to boost your SEO. Getting to the top of search rankings is a massive challenge, but data from Google suggests that it increases your ranking efforts dozens of times compared to regular text content. 

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