Finding The Next Big Trend In The Clothing Business

If you’re looking to start a clothing company then, as with any other industry, you must first find a niche that can help set you apart. A niche gives you access to a market that isn’t currently as well-tapped as it could be and helps you set yourself apart from your business. Some of these trends can help you find your niche.

Shopping is becoming social
While it might not be related specifically to what clothes you’re selling, what means you take to market it can help you find your niche as well. In particular, you can use influencer platforms like WOO to have your brand represented by influencers who can help you tap into your target market. There are few forces more powerful in marketing than positive social proof, and influencers offer the proof that your clothes can look good and be stylish.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important
The question of sustainability and eco-friendliness is a tough one in the fashion industry. However, there are advances being made that can make it easier to capitalise on. Tencel is a modal fiber manufacturer making green clothing a lot more accessible, for instance. Other clothing lines are starting to accept old clothes back specifically for manufacturing. Being one of the first to get on the sustainable clothing trend could prove to be very lucrative indeed.

Brand clothing
This is a trend that isn’t so much about fashion or how people wear clothes they choose personally, but rather about the evolving relationship between businesses and clothing. Branded clothing is becoming a lot more popular for both staff-wear and as goodies given out at trade shows and the like. If you can set up a business that allows businesses to design their own branded clothing, you could find an unexpectedly eager market.

Awaken to woke
When it comes to lifestyle products, people are just as likely to choose brands that align with their values as those that meet their needs. In fact, they’ve proven willing to pay a premium for just that. “Woke” consumers are a brand new force, bringing the social responsibility of companies to the forefront. Not only can adopting some of those principles help your brand, but woke messaging on your clothing can be very effective, as well.

Nostalgia is a stronger force than ever
It’s long been known that fashion is cyclical and what is now out of fashion will inevitably come back in fashion before too long. Right now, a lot of people who are discovering their consumer power grew up through the nineties, which means that we can expect to see some aspects of nineties fashion making a big comeback so it’s worth combing back through the archives of popular TV shows and music videos from the time.

Finding a trend you can hop on and establish as a niche can be very valuable to any clothing startup. Don’t forget that niches work regionally, as well. You can take a niche someone is doing in a different area and bring it to your market, rather than having to find a brand new one.

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