3 Ways To Improve Your Office

When you started your own business, you may well have been working from your kitchen table. At some point, you recognised that it was time to move on and upscale things and got yourself an office. Over time, your business grows, your team grows and that brings us to now, as you are looking around and realising that you need to make a few changes to your premises. Today we are sharing with you a few suggestions around how you might be able to do this with these 3 ways to improve your office

Imagine the perfect office for your business and team

The best way to improve your office is by imagining the perfect office first and then work out what needs to change to achieve this.

Think about this in terms of all practicalities first. Would the office benefit from a different layout? Are the customer areas appropriate? Is everything set up for maximum efficiency?

You can then start addressing the aesthetics, which can cover tidiness and cleanliness, the need for new decoration and colour schemes and be sure to think about the lighting. In addition to this, you might want to add in things such as refreshment areas for your team and things such as plants, paintings and more comfortable workstations.

Get your employees’ input

There is no point in second guessing what your team might want and they are likely to come up with some great ideas themselves.

Let everyone know that you plan to make some changes and that you will be seeking their input and guidance. Take all of their ideas and run with them wherever possible, and if you cannot, be sure to explain why not. 

You are seeking to create something of a home from home for your team, to ensure that they all feel comfortable at work and enjoy being there. Whilst this is about being a good and kind boss, it also makes great business sense as people are likely to feel more motivated and productive in an environment like this. This should translate as lower sickness levels and staff turnover and a better level of sales and service to your customers. 

Move on

Sometimes the only solution for improving your office is to move on. It might be that you have outgrown the space or you have spotted a great new location. Sometimes it can be practical considerations such as improved parking for customers and staff or better rental costs. Whatever the reason, when it is time to move on it can be positive for your business and it can run seamlessly if you plan and prepare well for it. 

Hire yourself a removals company, such as Chess Moving, and spend some time planning the moving day with them to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Get your team involved in the move and be sure to thank and reward them for their extra efforts that day - grab takeout for everyone to keep spirits up as you work hard to get everything in working order for business to resume as quickly as possible.

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