Making Money And Keeping Busy In Retirement

two persons sitting on grass facing the lake

A lot of people will consider retirement as the time they are finally free of the shackles of work. They can tend to their garden, repaint the house, catch up on the mountain of unread paperbacks they’ve accumulated over the years. However, retirement life isn’t for everybody, and for some, the idea of leaving work makes them uneasy. If this sounds like you, here’s how you can continue to make money and keep busy in retirement. 

Offer Advice

Your wisdom will always be necessary, and with a lifetime of knowledge, your advice can apply to any situation. 

No matter what you spent your working years doing, whether it’s plumbing, banking, writing, or anything else, you can teach these skills to the younger generation. Many people grow up not knowing specific fundamental skills, and this could prove to be a problem should they need to make a repair or prepare for something. 

It’s up to you whether you charge for classes or not, and the joy of teaching might be enough for you. 

Rent Out Property

With Airbnb being the go-to solution for people hoping to travel and check out new places, generating a steady income through a second property could prove highly lucrative for you and your family. 

If you’ve got a vacation property or a second home somewhere tourists and travelers flock to every year, you can open its doors throughout the year to rent out. The better the location and the more beautiful the property, the more you can charge, and this gives you the chance to sit back, relax, and let the money roll in.


Downsizing is becoming more and more popular for retirees once they realize they don’t need the vast space in their home, and anything more than a bedroom, kitchen, and a living room seems a little excessive. 

Moving home can be a little stressful, but it can also free up plenty of funds for you to focus on other parts of your retirement. While you will need to say goodbye to a home you’ve lived in and loved for years, moving to a new property can bring new potential. You’ll not spend as much on your mortgage, and with a smaller property, there is less demand for maintenance. 

Do What You Love

With retirement comes a lot of free time, and with this free time, you’re able to do whatever you want. Even if you feel comfortable in your finances, you can always keep busy by merely doing what you love. You can finally take to the open seas with confidence using Above, Below and Flush-with grade oil water separators, but you can also stay on dry land and stick to painting, exercise, drawing, or anything else that captures your imagination. 

A Comfortable Retirement

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in retirement, but while there are a lot of people who are happy and willing to sit back and relax by watching TV all day long, others need to keep busy. These options can ensure that you don’t get itchy feet just a few days into your retirement and can help keep you active.

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