Alternative Ways To Invest In Property

When investing in property, most people either go down the traditional buy-to-let route and rent out to tenants or they try their hand at property ‘flipping’ (renovating a property and selling it for a greater value). However, there are other ways to invest in property too. Here are just a few alternative property investments that could also be worth considering.
Commercial buy-to-let
This form of investment involves renting out space to businesses. This could be anything from office space to a warehouse building. Commercial buy-to-let has its advantage over residential buy-to-let – you can offer longer leases, which means that you can secure tenants for longer periods of time, and there are often less taxes and fees involved. Just make sure to screen companies before taking them on as tenants (you don’t want to take on a company that goes bust in a year, leaving you with an empty property).
Holiday home rental
You can also rent out property to holidaymakers. To get the most out of this investment strategy, you’ll want to invest in luxury property such as these Epsilon apartments and you’ll want to choose a touristy location that’s going to attract holidaymakers all year round. Holiday home rentals can be a bit more hands-on than other forms of property investment as you need to constantly be marketing to find new guests and making sure that your property is in the best condition. Consequently, many investors hire a property manager to handle all of this. A major advantage of owning a holiday home rental is that you can use it for your own leisure when guests aren’t staying there.
Storage space rental
It’s also possible to rent out space as storage. A lot of people want to rent out garages and barns to keep vehicles in. Storage space is also popular for people travelling long-term – such people may have moved out of their homes in order to afford their travels, but may still require somewhere to temporarily keep their possessions. You can use sites like Storemates to advertise your space to rent. Investing in security could be worthwhile as people won’t feel comfortable keeping their belongings there otherwise.  
Event space hire
Another option could be to buy up space and allow people to hire it for events. This could be an indoor space such as a function hall or an outdoor space. Such events could include anything from weddings to business conferences. This form of investment may require you to do a lot of marketing to ensure that your property is constantly in use and that you’re making money from it.
Property shares investment
There are property rental companies out there that own huge swathes of property. Such companies often rely on investors to pour money in to buy up extra property. This is in exchange for company shares in profits. This type of investment may require a lot more money than other forms of investment. 

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