Identifying The Best Property Investment Opportunities

Investments always carry a risk, but property is often considered a relatively safe bet. The demand for real estate is high, and if you make the right decisions, buying bricks and mortar can be incredibly lucrative. Whether you’re new to property or you’re looking to expand your portfolio, here is a guide to identifying the best opportunities. 

Positive signs for investors to look out for
Just as there are red flags you want to avoid as an investor, there are also positive signs to keep an eye out for when searching for an investment property. These include:

Development and building
Many investors find that they can’t afford to buy in established areas where real estate is snapped up as soon as it becomes available. In this case, the next best option is to look out for up and coming areas. If you stumble across a suburb or an area where there is building work and signs of regeneration and government or corporate investment, this is usually a sign that house prices will rise in the future. New offices, shops, leisure and entertainment facilities can make neighborhoods more attractive and appealing to buyers, especially those who have been priced out of areas that have already grown. 

Facilities, amenities and transport links
Whether you plan to buy and sell, or you’re looking to rent out a new property, access to facilities and transport links is hugely beneficial. Consider your target market carefully and match the amenities to the intended buyer or tenant. The presence of prestigious establishments, famous buildings and luxury urban hotels like the Queens Wharf Hotel can drive the price of nearby houses and apartments up. Young professionals will look for easy access to buses, trains and roads, while families will always be interested in properties near highly-rated schools.

Potential to add value
Investors should be on the lookout for potential when scouring the market for their next property. You want to be able to take on a project, no matter how large or small, and make money from it. You could explore options like renovating a family home that has seen better days or turning a 2-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom property ideally suited to families by adding an extension or converting the loft. Budgeting is critical when determining which project offers the best opportunities to maximize income. 

How to choose the right property
If you search for a property online or contact agents, you might find that there are tens or hundreds of options that match your criteria. To narrow down your options and ensure you make the right choice, undertake extensive research, choose the location carefully and always bear your ideal buyer or tenant in mind. With an investment property, you’re not looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling you get with a house that is going to be your home. Focus on the potential to make money and think about what your target buyer or tenant will be searching for. 

Property investment can be an excellent way to grow your money, but it’s vital to choose the right properties and to be able to spot the best opportunities before others snap them up.

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