4 Must-Haves Of Successful Property Investors

The real estate market is a favourite for amateur investors who are not familiar with investment strategies. Indeed, in a market where you are dealing with tangible and physical assets, newcomers to the investment world find that they can gain a better understanding of what needs to be done. Indeed, maintaining a property is hard work, but requires less financial know-how than making your first million on a stock exchange market. 
However, not all property investors can build a wealthy income from their efforts. In fact, in the UK only, a large majority of real estate investors are landlords with only one rental property. The income they generate isn’t enough to call their investment portfolio a wealthy success. 

Building your property portfolio for a wealthy strategy doesn’t happen overnight. Successful investors, however, share common traits. 

An objective 
Building a property is an investment. But if you don’t make your investment part of an overarching strategy that defines your long-term goal – such as being one day able to buy your dream luxury home with the help of expert realtors such as William Pitt –, you are unlikely to be able to plan your next action. Indeed, to grow your investment portfolio, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Do you want to purchase a manor house or to be able to live entirely from your rental earnings? 

A strategic growth plan
Once you understand your goal, you can work your way towards it. It’s essential to understand that, while you can run your portfolio without a long-term objective, you can’t grow it successfully without defining what ideal growth looks like. Indeed, long-term rentals and house flipping are two very different growth approaches. Your property decisions will be only meaningful in the context of bringing your objective closer, from refinancing a property to unlock cash flow for further expansions to getting rid of properties that don’t support your goal. 

Let’s be realistic about it: you can’t invest in a property and expect to boost your income overnight. Building a sustainable property portfolio takes time. There is a time when you will need to ask yourself how much risk you’re happy to take. Indeed, if you want to boost your portfolio in a short time, you need to align your approach with your risk appetite. Additionally, your starting capital can dramatically affect the tie you’ll need to build your portfolio. While it might be tempting to purchase additional property to maximise your gains, you’ve got to balance the cost of lender mortgage insurance, equity access and deposit management to protect your growth rate. 

A solid understanding of people
Being a strategist can only get you so far. You also need to understand how tenants and buyers think to make the most of your property portfolio. Indeed, the choice of location and the type of property play a significant role in attracting the right audience. However, staging the property is a delicate art to master that can add up to 10% to your income. 

In conclusion, don’t fall in the trap of many amateur investors who believe that having a starting capital is all they need to succeed in the property market. Building, managing, and growing your portfolio is a strategic journey that starts with a goal. It’s this goal that will define the rest of your actions! 

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