Getting Tired Of Your Current Workspace? 8 Ideas That'll Rekindle Your Love

You are finding that your current office is looking a bit tired and sluggish and you're looking for ways to generate positivity and show an inspirational environment for your staff members to get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes having a lift or a change of scenery can give your company that boosts it needs. 

Do you think that your office needs to have an upgrade and don't know where to start? Using these eight ways to spruce up your current office will transform it into an inspiration area in no time.

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Giving your office that boost it's been asking for. 

Why not transfer to custom sheds that are sustainable and survives the worst weather conditions. They can be custom made to suit your needs and add optional extras like roller doors and windows to personalize it to work for your business style. Maybe you could have a shed as a storage solution to free up space or to keep one of your departments in a separate area, and to expand your building size. 

Get technical with the help of IPads 

Introducing IPads into your business can help with every task within the company from being able to measure to scale real items or assist in note-taking, taking photos of work that is being produced, and can be sent to your customers to show the progress of their products. They are an excellent resource for giving presentations to your team for small training sessions when you don't have a projector, using apps like PowerPoint on the IPad is easier than ever to make, giving you a chance to show off those graphs and photos. A big reason having IPads will help support your team by being able to research photos and information on to go while in the middle of their projects or to show clients instantly. 

The ease of InTrays 

If you don't use them already, Intrays will help to keep everything organized, and in one place, saving lose paperwork to get lost on desks. Making a small investment in these to upgrade your office will ensure that every member of staff has a place to keep their work and to receive documents when needed. They are a cheaper route to keep things tidy and in order. It's a small part of the everyday running of your business that it makes a big impact. 

Choosing the right chair to benefit your spine 

Investing in good supporting chairs will ensure that your staff won't be off sick due to back or shoulder problems. By choosing a chair with back support to aid their spine when they are typing for long periods of time. Having a chair that spins as well as the option to adjust the height and position of the tilt to suit you is also the right choice for the comfort of moving to each part of the desk without having to bend your back in unusual ways. 

Installing software to help you 

Experimenting with different types of software that will benefit your business will help you and your staff to get creative and assist with your work projects. Having software like Microsoft and Excel, will support your work and are great tools to track your files and figures. Photoshop is a popular software for companies as it helps with everything, from creating posters to drawing up layout plans with ease. Spending some money on training days or courses will benefit your team as many parts of this software aren't easily visible but are hidden gems to making your projects professional.

Built-in accessories 

When building your desk space for your staff members, including built-in electric supplies for USB and plugs in your designs will declutter your space, leaving them free of loose cables and wasting time untangling or trying to find the end of the cable to plug into your laptop or phone. Choosing cables that are made with fabric or cord keeps your cable from bending and snapping from the ends, enabling them to last longer, which saves some pennies for the future. 

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Get creative with interior design

When you walk into your work, you want to feel full of inspiration and energy. Being quirky with the design of your space using bright wallpapers, motivational artwork, and fresh plants will instantly give the room some life. Adding a couple of different patterns to each room adding texture and stops the place looking flat and tired. If you have a smaller room, then moving furniture around can give the illusion of a more significant area by placing tables together and layering certain items on rugs or floor surfaces. Having a few extraordinary items for example three-dimensional art to create a fun yet professional atmosphere.

Taking five minutes aside 

We all get a mind block from time to time, but when it happens, and you need to take five minutes to go away and come back to work with a fresh mind, making a ‘snug’ to relax in a cozy space. This could include bean bags, a sofa, or some large chairs dressed with large cushions to loosen up. Another option is to have a coffee machine with a snack station to refuel. If you are looking to make it an area where it can take your mind off work with a fun twist, this could be paired with a pool table or an air hockey table to get the team spirit up within your business. Having an option to go for a walk or sit away from the desk makes a healthy mindset and releases stress, and any tension also with mental health problems rising, having a cozy ‘snug’ can help relieve this. 

Taking these eight tips will give your workplace a new lease of life and is full of inspiration. Sometimes having a few upgrades can uplift the mood and energy of your team instantly, whether that's changing up your space into a custom shed for extra room or if it is just improving the chairs these will all help your company to thrive.

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