Modern Office Design Must Haves

The modern workplace is a very different place than it was 10 years ago. Now that millennials are growing into positions of power, a new way of working is emerging to allow for flexibility, collaboration, and creativity. Today we want to talk about some of the essential features that every modern office should have. 
Open spaces
The most important change to come with modern workplaces is a move away from cubicles and a shift towards open spaces. It is important for employees to feel connected to their coworkers not only for morale, but also for communication. When designing an office space it is a good idea to use an open space to allow for flow of work, light, and energy.
Focus on Technology
The world is very focused on technology these days and it is more important than ever to use this to your advantage when designing an office. A kitchen area should have coffee machines and the seating area should have a TV. There should be a meeting room scheduling software to ensure for easy planning as well as a tool for people to book time off. There are many ways technology can enhance the workspace. 
Let in the light
Light is one of the most important things to bring into the home. If you are looking to create a productive office, it is important for you to let in the light through large windows, and ensure you avoid warm white lights in favour of pure white bulbs. Also, instead of chunky curtains around the windows, use A1S Group To install blinds that save space and also keep the office looking great all year long.
Add greenery
Everyone who works in an office misses the outdoors now and again, and as a boss you can bring some of the outside in to not only add colour and texture but to also reduce stress in the office in order to make the atmosphere lighter. Greenery in the office is important and when designing your workspace you should make space for plants and flowers. 
Fresh Air
For the health and wellbeing of everyone working in the office, fresh air is super important. If you are looking for a way to make your workers happier in the office and prevent illness, open the windows and let in some fresh air. Air can actually improve mood and energy levels of workers and this means it is a good way to keep your workers alert all day.
Add colour
The days of white walls and boring blue carpets should be over by now, and in order to make the office feel more alive, a splash of colour is essential to its design.  When designing an office space for the modern era consider adding a bright colour to the wall, brightly coloured sofas and chairs, and artwork through the space. Having something to look at throughout the day actually prevents workers from feeling lethargic and it can give them inspiration for their work.

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