Are Your Folding Machines Jamming Often? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons to Take a Look At

How many things can cause paper jams on that folding machine? One can probably come up with dozens of variables. Usually, it's caused by something minor, and there are many parts on the folder that need to be in just the right position to keep the folder operating smoothly. Those little things become hugely important.
What In The World Is A Folding Machine?
A folding machine is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper. Paper can be folded with either a buckle or a knife. There are three types of folding machines: buckle folders, knife folders, or a combination of these two types. While buckle folding is the more popular of the two methods, knife folding is sometimes preferable. When there's a problem with the machine, it may be beneficial to seek help over at
Seven Possible Reasons The Folding Machine is Jamming
The Feeder Is Not Set Up Correctly
A paper guide or strap could be in the wrong position and, as the paper rounds the feed drum, it bends a corner. Also, a guide that is set too snugly could be denting the paper. Mechanical fingers and guides can bend or nick the lead edge of the paper, which then causes a jam. The thinner the paper, the easier it is for this to happen.
There Is A Bent or Damaged Fold Plate Deflector
A severe paper jam can bend a deflector. If there is a jam and someone has cleared the machine, yet the problem continues, be sure to check the deflectors. Dings or burrs on a deflector will also interfere with paper travel, especially on lighter weight text stocks.
It Is Possible To Have Curled Paper
A consistent curl is easier to deal with than a variable curl. One can usually install paper smoothers, guides, or straps to make the paper go where they want it to go. It is possible to remove the curl as the machine is loaded. A variable curl, in which the curl varies from sheet to the sheet, is more difficult to deal with.
The Paper Is Loaded Incorrectly
This is a very common mistake. For maximum bindery equipment production, an operator must use care with loading. One sheet loaded wrong, even if it's only every few thousand sheets, is enough to make a big difference in production.
The Paper Is Stuck In or On Fold Rollers
Paper can lodge in the bearings at the edge of the fold rollers. If it vibrates out onto the roller, it's a problem. Sometimes, a small piece of paper will stick to the surface of the roller, especially if the job isn't dry.
Fold Roller Drive Belt
A worn or loose fold roller drive belt can cause folding problems. If it slips momentarily, the gap between the sheet in the fold plate and the next sheet will be reduced-; perhaps to a point, it causes a jam. Although this is unlikely, it has happened with cover stocks that require a bit more force to fold, especially if the crease or score is weak or out of position.
Dirty Fold Rollers
Inks, varnishes, coatings, and toners that haven't dried or set properly can deposit themselves on the rollers. It might not be caught until it starts to affect the paper.
There are numerous problems that can cause a folding machine to jam. Determining the cause can either be hard or extremely easy. It is important that one pays attention and takes care by following a checklist or by using the best sources to determine the problem. Once a folding machine jam, its time to investigate.

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