4 Weird Ways For Bosses To Boost Productivity

As a boss who’s tried everything to improve and maintain your workers’ productivity levels, not much will come as a surprise. Well, this post might shock you because the “tried and tested” methods are out. Instead, it’s all about focusing on the weird and wonderful productivity hacks that you don’t realise are effective. So, it’s time to put the Christmas gifts and parties to one side and get more creative. After all, the same stuff gets dull and monotonous, and these are two factors that destroy productivity.

What are the out-of-the-box ideas worth implementing? Carry on reading and all will be revealed!
Standing Desks

Sedentary lifestyles aren’t good for you or your employees. Although they might prefer the idea of sitting behind a desk rather than standing at it, there are health issues with sitting down all day. For one thing, it stops workers from being active, which means they’re more likely to fall ill and take days off. Sadly, they can’t be productive when they aren’t in the office! A standing desk is a solution, and it’s for more than one reason. Aside from making employees less susceptible to illness, they’ll also be able to focus more efficiently thanks to the increase in oxygen.
Bathroom Freedom

Some companies get on their employees’ backs when they go to the toilet. What a load of bull! Sure, workers can slack off, and you need to nip it in the bud, but bodily functions are a human right. Therefore, there’s no reason to annoy them by micromanaging their bladder. In reality, you are better off going the other way and considering toilet hire to ensure there are enough facilities. With an empty bladder and peace of mind that they won’t get shouted at, their morale will skyrocket. After all, they aren’t kids and you’re not running a prison!
Trade Union Information

Often, businesses and trade unions aren’t on the same page. Sadly, your employees are the ones who lose out, and the blame falls at your feet. As a successful company making money, they feel as if you abuse them for the sake of profit. Again, it impacts morale and pits your workers against you, which isn’t healthy. Therefore, it’s wise to be as transparent as possible to encourage them to trust you more. Giving them the details of the trade unions who regulate workers’ rights in the industry is a basic yet effective way to prove you’re not the enemy.
Schedule Flexibility

Employees sometimes get bogged down by the system. They hate the fact that they are under another person’s control and won’t work as hard as a result. Changing your stance on archaic methods of working, then, might bring them onboard. Providing a flexible schedule regarding their working hours could be enough to secure their loyalty. And, loyal employees tend to go the extra mile for their employers. Letting parents start and leave early so that they can pick up their kids, for instance, is a small gesture that goes a long way. One company even offers hangover days!

Have you tried anything in your power? If so, these tips could be the answer.

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