Alternative Recruitment Methods to Find the Best People

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With any business, you want to employ only the best possible people. But it’s going through the effort of finding these people that can be arduous and challenging. For recruiters, there are only so many LinkedIn or Indeed applications they can sift through before realizing that there’s no one suitable for the job. 

Just like the rest of the world, recruitment has evolved. Once upon a time, employers hired whoever was available, then you needed to treat up and down the street, applying to every store you could. Even this changed, though, and while roaming the streets worked for the older generation, it isn’t how you do things anymore. But while online applications are significant, there are alternative methods to explore. 

Knowing Someone Who Knows Someone

Networking has gone out of fashion recently, with more companies promoting from within the old days of introducing you to someone who could be the next big thing are waning. 

They don’t need to be, though. You can make the most of the existing workforce to find more people to bring in through employee referral programs. Not only will this help a friend help a friend, but it will also give you the chance to vet their recommendations and find a plethora of potentially groundbreaking new employees. 

There’s always a risk hiring friends of those already at the company. Still, if they prove themselves to be dedicated and professional, it works out perfectly for everybody involved making you more money than you thought possible, probably.  

Tailor-Made For Your Project

The gig-economy might not have the hype around it that it once did, but there are dedicated individuals still plowing away looking to make money here and there. Often, these profiles are tailor-made to fit your project, even if you only bring them in as a one-off. 

Through gig sites, you can find the right people for a variety of IT contract jobs, video editing, or translating work that helps you get exactly what you need on time. It also opens opportunities for them in the future, and if they do well, there’s the chance you’ll consider them again before bringing them on full-time. 

Social Media Isn’t All Bad

Recruiting from social media isn’t a new thing; just take a look at LinkedIn. The problem with LinkedIn - as shown time and again on The State of LinkedIn Twitter page - is that it’s full of disingenuous, fabricated stories focused solely on patting each other on the back. 

Instead, places such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the places to look. Those who regularly post blogs are ideal for copywriting positions, whereas influencers who edit their photos could make great graphic designers. They have the skills, so give them the chance. 

These platforms allow people to be themselves, giving you something much more authentic than a smiling face in a suit that you’ll find elsewhere. 

Alternative Does Not Mean Worse

If you’re tired of going through an endless stream of online applications, consider looking elsewhere for the next big star of your company. When you look in the most unlikely places, you’re often surprised by what you find.

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