You Got The Skills, But How Do You Get The Job?

How to get a job?

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There’s a big problem amongst young people looking for employment these days. They spend so much time and money getting an education, but in the end find it difficult to land a job. That isn’t because your expertise is useless. It’s because you don’t yet know how to really start a career. It’s not as simple as waiting for something to pop up and being the most impressive candidate. That’s the loser’s way of playing the game. Here’s how you play it like a winner.

Get a little help from your friends

In your education, you should have hopefully made some good links to influential names in the industry. If you haven’t, get back in touch with them. Make connections and network. Start a LinkedIn profile, find the groups for your industry and take part in the conversation. Put your name in places where the relevant employees are going to look. If you have skills in serious fields, don’t look at normal recruitment sites. Go to the place for specialists, like Hyper Recruitment Solutions for the science fields.

Keep building on tertiary skills

You might have the hard skills that you need to do your job, but don’t neglect the other qualities that can make you a worthwhile hire. For example, simple software usage like Excel. Communication skills and demonstrable teamwork. Show your initiative by doing voluntary work and not grumbling about it. It’s always about more than the hard skills. It’s about the kind of person you are. A dedication to working on yourself, even after a gruelling education, is going to do more than pad your resume. It’s going to make it mouth-watering to employers.

Make the first move

If you really want to impress employers, however, you can’t just wait around. Using your network and the right resources is all well and good. But you shouldn’t be hoping for the opportunity to pop up. As we said, that’s the loser’s way of playing the game. Instead, you need to go out there and grab an opportunity for yourself. Go to employers you want to work for and ask them straight up if there’s a job available. Don’t sell your work cheaply, either. Internships are a hoax that more commonly teach you assistant skills and also have very little (or no) bearing on your chances of getting hired. Don’t take internship offers.

You’re educated, do your research

Regardless of how you find them, you need to know about your prospective employer. If you’re taking the initiative to find them and ask for a job, then it’s more than essential. So do your research on them. Find out about their values and products. Find out as much about the work environment as you can. Pay particular attention to accolades they’ve won and bring it up in the interview.

Initiative is the most important thing. Making the right contacts, putting your names in the right places and making the first move. That alone counts for more than even the best looking resume.

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