Tips To Consider When Recruiting New Staff

Recruiting new staff members isn’t as easy as you’d like to think it is. You want to get the right person for the job, but they also need to be a good match for the rest of the team too. Here are some tips to consider when recruiting new staff.

Know Exactly What You Want
It’s important as the employer to know exactly what you want in terms of the role and the person filling that position. Especially if it’s a new role, it’s crucial that you’ve outlined all your requirements and needs. That way when you’re advertising the role, you’ll get a more tailored group of applicants instead of a lot more because you were too broad. Split the must-have requirements and the optional but not necessary and ensure you’ve got them in the right categories. You may also want to consult a recruitment firm like A&S Recruitment to help you find what you’re looking for.

Be Strict With Your Choices
When it comes to looking at the applicants, be strict with your choices. Look at who fills all the quota in terms of requirements and bonus points for any who also have all the optional requirements too. You don’t want to be interviewing too many people because that’s a waste of your time and that of the candidates. Be strict when you come to choose the interviewees and try to cap it at a reasonable number. Six to nine is probably a good estimate for most jobs.

Have An Informal Chat Beforehand
An informal conversation is a good way to break the ice, but it also helps the candidate to relax and be comfortable around you. If you fire straight into the questions, that can be pretty nerve-racking for some and you could be hindering their chances of being able to impress you. Ask about their day and how far they’ve come from to get to the interview. When starting the interview, ask them about where they studied, what they enjoy doing outside of work and then slowly bring in the interview questions.

Don’t Have Too Many Rounds
Sometimes it’s necessary to have two or three rounds of interviews. Depending on the job, it might be more. However, not a lot of jobs out there really require more than the first initial interview and then a final round of interviews. Having too many rounds for a job can frustrate a potential candidate, or they might think you don’t know what you’re after or you don’t have much faith in them. Neither is good for creating the first impression of your company, so keep the number of interview rounds to a minimum.

Introduce Them To Other Staff Members
A good way to test the waters when it comes to your other staff members is to introduce potential candidates to them. You can simply explain it as a way of showing them who they’d be working with and you’ll likely get some feedback from your staff as to whether they warmed to the candidate or not. It should have no huge influence over your decision, but it might be useful to know if you’re torn between two candidates.

Know what you want from the recruitment process and don’t rush!

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