Things To Remember When You're Managing A Team

Your team is what helps run your business no matter what their roles are. From cleaners to executive salespeople, everyone plays a role in making sure your business runs as it should do. However, a solid team needs a strong leader to guide them and if you’re not running things properly, you can’t expect your team to follow suit. So, how do you manage a team correctly? Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, there are plenty of things to keep in mind to help guide you along the way. Check out these things to remember when you’re managing a team.

Time management tools really help

It’s easy to let time run away with you. However, tasks need to be completed and your team will need guidance when it comes to allocating time frames for their tasks. Obviously, you can’t be there to oversee that everyone spends the right amount of time on each objective so instead, use time management tools for your staff and yourself too! Time management tools alert you to move onto another job, schedule small and regular breaks to ensure that you’re as alert as possible, and also allow you to prioritise deadlines. There are a plethora of free time management tools but if you want the full advantages, we definitely recommend investing in a paid version.

Happy staff = happy business

You’ve heard of the term ‘happy wife, happy life’, right? Well, the same premise applies to your business (although it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well). Keeping your team happy is the key to promoting motivation, productivity, teamwork, and also communication. But how can you keep a whole team of people happy? Check out the tips on the Benefits Cloud Blog for different ways that you can increase employee happiness.

You need to have compassion

Life happens, and while it’s important to try and keep work life and home life separate, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. An unwell child or the loss of a pet or loved one will interfere with work, and it’s imperative that you have compassion for your team when things like these crop up. Doing this will, in return, earn you respect and loyalty from your team, meaning that when they do return to work they’ll be motivated and as productive as possible.

Give your team incentives

Unfortunately, you can’t expect a team to instantly become motivated and productive. Much like a fitness regime or buying your first home, your motivation comes from the end goal and that’s what you need to provide for your staff! Give them incentives like an extra day of paid holiday, a pay rise, or even a promotion! You’ll be surprised at how much this helps generate motivation and increases productivity.

Host regular meetings

If your team get along and there are no hiccups, then you’re one of the lucky ones! No team can be expected to get on 100% of the time, especially in the office! Hosting regular meetings for every member of staff will allow them to clear the air, get things off their chest, and also allow everyone to have an input that could, in turn, help your business.

You need to provide for your staff

Your team is the very reason the cogs of your business turn, and when they’re working for long hours, they will need a break every now and then! Even though you’re probably already allowing them to take the correct amount of breaks, are you providing a selection of refreshments, such as tea, coffee, and cold water? While this isn’t an obligation, it will help boost staff morale and also ensure that they’re as refreshed as possible during each break. You can buy vending machines fairly cheap these days, and a kettle isn’t exactly going to break the bank!

Treat everybody equally

One of the biggest mistakes that managers make with their teams, is treating people differently. As mentioned earlier, no matter what roles people have within your business, they’re all part of the machinery that makes your business work and without them, it wouldn’t work! Whether or not they have a high-pressure role or even a highly paid role, it’s imperative that you treat everyone equally. Equality in the workplace is something that’s very important to uphold, and you could face legal fees if you’re found to be doing anything different.

Communication is essential

In any business, no matter what size or how many employees you have, communication is essential and without it, your business could break down. However, communication can be difficult if people work from home, are on the road, or even working in different offices, so what’s the solution here? Using communication platforms such as Basecamp will allow you to keep in touch with your team no matter where any of you are, what time it is, or what device you’re using. All you need is an internet connection!

Do as I say not as I do…

...or not! As the leader of your team, you need to set an example to everyone else. This includes: - Being on time all of the time - Hitting deadlines - Speaking to everyone with respect - Treating customers properly - Adopting a pleasant telephone manner - Dressing appropriately - Using clean language in the office - Working over time like everyone else is expected to - Smiling! 

As you can see, there are a plethora of different ways to ensure that you’re leading your team well and keeping them happy while doing so. Remember that your team are there to help you run your business and if you’re finding it hard to manage things, rely on them! Many leaders have a right-hand man that helps them make important decisions, helps lead the team and in general, takes the stress off. Consider recruiting a second in command to help make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible!

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