Marketing Essentials You Might Be Overlooking

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing, of course. To overlook this one aspect of your business would be tantamount to failure. 

However, there are some aspects of marketing that you might be overlooking, and consequently, your strategies in this area might be lacking.

Here are some examples.

#1: Not adhering to SEO practices

A no-brainer way to market your business is to have a website up and running online. This is a cost-effective and easy way to promote what your business can offer. Assuming you have already done this, we have to ask you this: Have you thought about your SEO? By which we mean, is your website optimized for Google and other search engine providers? If you haven't, then you will limit your marketing reach, as your potential customers are more likely to use the services of your competitors if their websites rank higher within search engine pages. There is a lot of advice on SEO practices online, so have a look and make the relevant changes to your site if necessary. But if the concept bewilders you, then outsource this part of your website to a search engine optimization company. They will ensure your website ends up on page 1 instead of page 101.

#2: Ignoring offline marketing

As a business owner, you will already be committed to online marketing. You would be a fool not to, as to reach potential customers, it is important to make use of the trends that are shaping our society. After all, who doesn't have a smartphone or a social media account these days? However, you shouldn't relegate offline marketing to the bin marked 'from the past,' as it is still relevant today. People still drive past billboards. They still pay attention to radio and television ads. And they still talk to people like yourself and your employees, be that on the shop floor or when out in public. So, don't overlook any of these offline marketing opportunities. Do whatever is appropriate for your company, remembering that people aren't glued to their phones and other smart devices 24/7.

#3: Not making the most of your blog

After browsing the websites of other businesses, you will have noticed that most (if not all) have a blog page attached. To stay within trend, you might have created a blog for your website. That's excellent news if so, as this is another way to market your business. However, you need to do more than post the occasional article on your blog. To retain the interest of new and existing customers, you should post regularly, as this will give them a greater incentive to return to  your website. New posts will also indicate that your business is still relevant, as they might assume otherwise if your last post was dated months ago. And when writing your posts, you should do more than write dry, informative pieces about your products. Add some humor, write interesting stories about your business, tie in your products in creative ways, and use visual elements to enhance your blog posts. Your blog could be one of your greatest marketing tools, so give it your due care and attention, and if time is an issue for you, hire a freelance writer to take care of it for you. 

Final word

So, don't overlook these marketing essentials. By placing some focus on them, you stand a greater chance of reaching new customers to your business.  

Let us know your thoughts, and please share any other suggestions you might have with us. 

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