How Online Marketing Will Change in 2018

The Internet is a powerful tool of our times and using it efficiently to our advantage can become a matter of life and death for any company and as we are all aware of, it is simply impossible to survive in today’s ruthless competition without having an online presence. By online presence, I mean Online marketing or digital marketing which promotes businesses using the internet as a medium.  

2018 is a new year with new hopes and newer expectations from every sector. Just like online marketing had shaped last year with a phenomenal growth in the importance of organic and paid search, rise in social media popularity and the escalation of smartphone usage much is expected from this year as well. 

Speaking of expectations, let see what online marketing has in store for us this year:

Personalising the whole user experience for its customers (trying to give them a homely feeling) by promoting only what is relevant based on the past searches will take on a new form, companies will lay more emphasis on redesigning the whole landing page according to customers’ needs as per digital marketing strategy.  

Video marketing is now on the rise for the past few years due to a simple fact that customers esp. millennials search for easy options, why read a lengthy text when one could simply watch it, companies too understand this and as a result investing more and more in video marketing for advertising purposes.

Social media has become one of the most famous online platform ever used with billions of active users worldwide. Last year has seen its fair share of marketing campaigns on social media and this year too, the primary focus will be the promotion of branding campaigns on social media

Voice marketing is also gaining popularity recently, it is basically using voice commands to operate websites. Companies are focusing more on creating content that allows searches via voice commands. Alexa and Siri are two such examples, though they are not used for marketing purposes, it still does give us a glimpse of what is to be expected of digital marketing this year.

Augmented Reality is perceiving information through other senses and we can expect a heavy use of this technology in online marketing this year. In fact, Shiseido Makeup Mirror, Ikea AR Catalogue, IBM app etc are some of the examples that are already turning it into a reality and in the process, providing customers with a unique experience.

Chatbots are the present and the future of digital marketing and this year will see the incorporation of chatbots in almost every sector by providing its customers with a personal assistant ever ready to help from ordering pizzas to suggestions on makeup to selecting apparels etc.

Native advertising is a relatively newer concept which involves advertising based on local preferences and utilizing local language to give users a homely touch to the overall buying experience. Implementing this strategy in digital marketing will greatly benefit the engagement of companies involved.

The above trends are not the only ones that will shape 2018 but are definitely the most influential ones. Several organisations around the globe such as Indian outsourcing companies are already integrating these tips into their digital marketing strategy to stay ahead in the game. And you?

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