Using Personalised Balloons As A Cost Effective Business Solution

The world of advertising and marketing is now so full of many different channels it can be a minefield. A business has many options to publicise its company either through TV, printed advertisements, billboards, leaflet dropping etc. However, your adverts could get swallowed up among the vast numbers of adverts that consumers already see on a day to day basis with huge brands such as Coca Cola, McDonalds and Apple stealing the show. These kinds of advertising methods can also be rather expensive and time consuming to produce. Consumers like to feel valued and for this reason much prefer a more personal approach to advertising. One way of doing this is through the use of personalised balloons.

The options are endless 

Personalised balloons can be designed and adapted to fit any of your company’s needs. You can have your name and logo printed onto your balloons in any colour or font. You can use personalised balloons to strengthen your branding presence. Balloons in your company colours printed with your logo could become a recognisable product and symbol of your company. You can have some tied outside the office building, in the reception area or meeting rooms to reiterate to the world that you mean business. For clothing stores, you can have them tied to your male or female mannequins to create a stunning window display that stops everyone who walks by.

Balloons are colourful and fun and remind a person of happier times when they were relaxed with their friends at their 40th birthday party or even when they were blowing out the candles of their 6th birthday cake. The message behind the balloons is that “we are fun, friendly, and it will be a joy working with us”.

Ways to use personalised balloons

Another way that personalised balloons can be used is by handing them out in the street. No matter whether your customer focus is local or worldwide, head out to the streets and meet potential customers while offering them the free gift of a balloon. The balloons that you give out will be seen as a novelty and an act of joyfulness. Many will accept the gesture and take home the personalised balloon with your company logo on, which will then sit in their home for the three days it takes for the balloon to deflate, further strengthening your company presence in their home lives.  This will be particularly effective if it is children who spot the balloons as they walk down the street with their parents.

Should you wish to use personalised balloons in a big way you could orchestrate a balloon drop as a publicity event. This involves capturing a large number of air filled balloons (anything from 20-500) into a net fixed to a ceiling. Then at the opportune moment you can release the balloons which will fall to the floor and fill the room. This will create a moment of excitement and wonder while personalised balloons featuring your company design dance around guests’ feet during the rest of the event.

It might not be an idea you would have considered before, but balloons are not just for kids’ parties. The fun can be carried through to the boardroom with personalised balloons as they can be used as a wonderful marketing tool to entice new clients and customers who are looking for a company who think outside the box and think of business in a more personal manner.

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