Create the Ideal Meeting Room For Your Business

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We spend so much time in the office. That’s probably why we consider its design and layout so carefully. After all, office design influence health, employee satisfaction, and productivity. But what about the meeting room? In many businesses, the meeting room is somewhat of an afterthought. But a poorly designed and furnished meeting room can have a tragic impact on your business. Anyone who has been in a cramped or stuffy meeting room knows that it’s enough to kill creativity. It might even leave people drifting off. So how can you turn it around? Here are some tips to make a meeting room that inspires productive and creative meetings. 


The quality of light is so important. Lights that are too bright, like fluorescent strip lighting, can cause migraines and visual disturbance. Yet a dimly lit room could have people drifting off. The solution is trying to find a meeting space with plenty of natural light. If this isn’t available, opt for yellow-tinged light bulbs, which give off more of a yellow glow. A diverse range of lighting, including wall lighting and lamps, will help to give plenty of options to suit the weather and the tone of the meeting. 


A stuffy meeting room can make everyone lethargic, which really inhibits conversation and creativity. Air conditioning, or even just an open window, can help to keep the room fresh. But you could even add some greenery. Potted plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, or Snake Plant have all been said to improve air quality by filtering toxins and releasing oxygen. Plus, they add a decorative touch to the room, which could make your team feel more at home


Research now shows that sitting for too long is terrible for our health. But it can also affect our creativity and productivity. That’s why many managers are now introducing stand up meetings, which are typically much shorter than average meetings. It is said that standing meetings can be more creative and productive, possibly because of the unusual setup and the lack of barriers, which makes people feel more communicative. Not everyone is able to stand for long periods, so consider flexible seating options too. Rather than the traditional conference table and chairs, consider seating that allows greater flexibility, spontaneity, and collaboration. Civic Australia Furniture has some great options which are both colorful and stylish. 


The colors you use in your meeting room should reflect the tone of your business. A modern, young start-up might go for bold and bright colors, while a legal company might go for luxurious, deep tones like navy blue. The shades we see on the wall can affect how we feel, so it’s worth paying attention to color psychology when you pick out your paint. You want to pick a shade that will energize and inspire your team, rather than overwhelm them. If in doubt, go for warm neutrals. Hanging pictures or adding bookshelves can add some vibrancy and personality to an otherwise toned-down room. 

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