3 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste In Your Business

It's no secret that businesses the world over have contributed to the damage done to the environment on both a local and a global level. Air pollution is one such problem, with larger manufacturing companies spewing out toxic smoke and gases on a regular basis. Another problem is waste, especially when it comes to toxic materials such as plastic. Ending up in our landfills, such waste allows toxins into the ground and air, damaging the environment and any creature (including humans) who live among it.

The future is bleak, but as we have discussed before on our website, there are ways you, as a business owner, can reduce the damage your business could potentially cause. And for the purposes of this article, we will specifically focus in on the problem of plastic waste within your company.

1. Replace plastic with environmentally-friendly materials

If you don't need to use plastic, then don't! Many companies today are reducing plastic waste by using eco-friendly alternatives in the manufacturing and selling process, or by ignoring plastic altogether. Your local retailer has probably served you with a paper rather than plastic carrier bag, for example, and you may have noticed a shift in the hospitality arena, where disposable cups and straws have been phased out. In some areas of science and industry, businesses are using safer plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, within their working processes. Porvair Sciences are one such example. who have implemented natural polypropylene into their reservoir trays, with these 384 well reservoirs. The takeaway for you is this. What can you do? Within your business, look for plastic alternatives when manufacturing. Don't use disposable plastic plates or cutlery in your canteen or break areas. And use eco-friendly packaging when shipping to your customers to further reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Provide filtered tap water to your employees

We all know that water is useful for maintaining the energy and productivity of our employees, but there is one issue here, and that is the problem of plastic bottles! While companies such as Evian are now using recycled plastic in the production of their bottles, your business can still reduce the number of bottles that get discarded every day by offering filtered water to your employees. Add a mains-fed water cooler to your office space, or put a water filter on the kitchen tap, as this healthier water option should encourage your employees to stop buying disposable water bottles, and to use drinking glasses or reusable bottles in the office instead.

3. Use a different supplier

When it comes to plastic packaging, you should do all you can to reduce the amount you use. This includes using alternative packaging sources and using less plastic within your packing containers. But what about your suppliers? If they haven't taken steps to reduce their plastic waste, you have two options. Your first is to write to them with your concerns. Let them know how you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, and encourage them to do the same in your deliveries. Your second option is to use a greener supplier, especially when there is no sign of your current supplier changing their ways. Sure, you might miss out on loyalty discounts, but surely the future of the earth is more important than your savings.


Today, consider what you can do to reduce plastic waste within your business. And speak to your employees too, and together formulate good habits that will reduce the impact your plastic use has on the environment. Your business will profit as a result, as consumers might choose your business over less ethical companies, and the planet will profit because of the steps you have taken to protect it.

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