3 Sure Fire Ways To Secure Your Promotion

If you have been in your current role for the past few years, the chances are that you might be feeling a little stuck in a rut. You might be feeling unchallenged because you can perform your tasks blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back. While your job may be easy, it’s still important to be fulfilled professionally. When you are becoming bored with the monotony of your day, and you don’t look forward to going into work in the morning, you know something is wrong. You need to be proactive and change your work situation. Consider seeking out a promotion, especially if you have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer. Take a look at these three sure fire ways to secure your footing on the next rung of your career ladder.


Being in the same role for an extended period of time might mean that your professional development has slipped a little. If you aren’t clued up on the newest ways of working and methodologies, then it’s time to start upskilling and enhancing your resume fit for a new job search. Consider taking an IT qualification in the newest aspects of computing. Cybersecurity and e-safety are becoming more crucial facets of information technology, so have this in your armory and you will be a more attractive candidate.

Alternatively, you could opt for a more industry specific qualification. If you are looking for a business leader role, an MBA might be suitable. If you are working in education, then a masters might be more apt.

Take A Side Step

If you aren’t in a rush to secure a promotion, you could look into gaining more experience first. Working in the same role for a decade or more can lead to employers feeling that you are stale or complacent. They might see you as seeking the easy option and not having enough industry wide experience. Rightly or wrongly, they may forget the idea of employee loyalty. To combat this, consider taking on the same role but with another company. This will increase your networking capabilities, and allow you to gain more experience in different environments and locations. Perhaps you could go a step further and seek international employment, spreading your wings and taking on a whole new adventure.

Be More Proactive In Your Current Job

With any luck, you might find your promotion internally. Even if you have a job within a company that is struggling with finances and is streamlining their staff team, you could still secure a promotion. Rather than heading into your boss’s office and asking for a promotion, show just how indispensable you are. Take on that tricky presentation, offer to stay back and hone the business plan, and offer to line manage a few new starters. When you put out the feelers stating that you are looking for a new role, your current employer may create one specifically for you in order to keep you.

Promotion is hard to come by especially in today’s tough job market. However, by following this guide, you can maximize your chances of promotion success.

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