Trending Consumer Products for 2019: New Sources of Business Revenue

We’re all aware that in business and sales, there are ebbs and flows in the popularity of products. Today’s trending product is tomorrow's outdated tech or fad, while changes in culture or living situations can see demand for certain items increase. The result is that many businesses and entrepreneurs will be looking to adapt what they offer to fit the whims and needs of the current consumer market.

But what does that mean in 2019?

This article looks at some of the top trending consumer products predicted for the year, based on rising demands and changing customer needs. By getting involved in these industries, you could see surges in revenue.

Domestic Security Products

A new survey of the most popular home security systems has revealed that 44% of all households in the UK have no security features on their domestic property. This includes everything from alarms and CCTV monitoring to safes and security lights. Many UK homes are left vulnerable to break-ins and possession theft.

In light of current policing problems, which include major budget cuts and reports suggesting as few as 5% of crimes are solved, combined with a 30% increase in the number of burglaries taking place, the sale of home security products has never been so poignant.

With all these factors taken into consideration, rising personal responsibility for property and the security of valuables means the market is set to see an influx this year. Security product demands saw dramatic increases towards the end of 2018, and they are only predicted to see a more significant rise in interest as we head further into 2019.

Businesses looking to take advantage of trending consumer products have an opportunity here to get onboard with this market growth, as domestic security product sales continue to see increases.
Smart Technology Products

The demand for smart technology is skyrocketing. As new advancements result in increasingly powerful and adaptive hardware, more and more people are seeking to enrich their daily lives with smart tech devices. Sales of items such as smart speakers have seen massive jumps in the past few years. In terms of market growth, 2018 saw a 65% increase in value, with 2019 set to see similar — if not more impressive — developments.

By 2022, it is predicted that almost 1 billion smart tech devices will be sold each year. Given the current interest, it is clear these are some of the top trending consumer products we will see in 2019. Businesses and entrepreneurs looking to become part of this industry and harvest potential revenue opportunities from this explosive growth have two options:

Develop: Give the people the consumer products they crave. Your business could get in on the ground floor of this emerging market by becoming part of the development platform, producing smart home technology for the masses.
Sell: You don’t have to part of the technology development space to become part of the industry. Businesses have to sell products as well. Moving into the smart tech retail sector has the potential for massive sales prospects in this growing market.

Remote Work Support Products

Recent years have seen increasing interest in the practice of remote and flexible working. Thanks to its undeniable benefits, many industries have experienced a rise in the volume of its workforce taking up the concept. Predictions are that 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely in at least some capacity by 2020, which means 2019 is the year we’ll likely see major increases in demands for related products.

But what commercial products are going to be in demand? Remote working requires a range of products and services to be an effective solution. These include:

Software: Working from home often requires software solutions to support goals; everything from connectivity and task management to employee monitoring and communication. The development or sale of innovative software platforms that help remote workers achieve their ambitions provides businesses with the potential for new avenues of profitability. Technology: It’s not just software that remote workers need; there is also a demand for hardware like headsets, computer peripherals, smart devices and more. Become part of the industry by embracing the demand for remote working tech and introduce or offer products that support it. Training: Working from home has numerous differences to the office environment, which may mean workforces require training and support. Your business can offer that support, providing courses and educational materials as a product to other brands moving to remote working strategies. Job Search: Workers want more remote and flexible working opportunities, but where to find them? Entrepreneurs have a chance in 2019 to supply products and services that help job seekers find these roles.

Developing sales platforms that provide products supporting the rise of the remote work community could prove to be valuable sources of revenue for your business in 2019. For many companies, this may only mean a slight recalibration of current processes.

If you are a mobile app development business, for example, you need only start tailoring your projects to remote workers to see results. Likewise, a furniture outlet could focus on the acquisition and supply of in-demand products that are suitable for the home working environment.

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