Excel financial model and business planning

What is an excel model?

If you run a business then you need a financial model. These are tools to help you forecast the future of your business. Whether you're looking to raise finance, plan an acquisition or simply understand the future cash requirements of your business then a financial model is what you need.

Excel financial model are spreadsheet based tools used for forecasting. They use a series of user defined assumptions in order to assess future performance. Well build financial models allow the user or business owner to ask questions of their business such as:

1) What if I take a loan out? Can I afford to pay it back?
2) If I offer better credit terms to my customer, what will happen to my cash?
3) What's the impact of increasing prices over the next five years?

How to build a financial model?

Microsoft's spreadsheet software Excel is one of the most prolific tools for building financial models. It's a tool that most people are relatively familiar with. Whilst most people use it to simply add a couple of numbers or keep a list, at the hands of a professional financial modeller, Excel can be used to produce a complex array of financial relationships used in order to predict future cash flows.

To become an excel financial modeller you most likely need a very good understanding of accountancy and finance. However, that's not enough. Lots of people working in finance believe that they can build financial models. However, it takes specific training to build models from scratch.

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