Go Slick With Your Company Car This Year!

Owning your own company and managing your own time is a tough thing to do when you work for yourself. Add in the responsibility of travelling up and down the country to client meetings and events, and you’re going to rack up a lot of cash on your company credit card – just by getting around. It may, therefore, be a good time to think about investing your cash in a company car or two for you and your employees.
A Mind-Boggling Experience
A new car for your personal life is often a difficult thing to choose; there are so many brands out there and about a hundred different insurance quotes that it just boggles the mind. When it comes to picking a company car, you’re in for an even bigger range of choice. You will be thinking about the brand you want to use, the type of car you want to go for and even whether you want to invest in an automatic or manual transmission for long distance travelling. You’ll be concerned with making sure that your selection is absolutely right before you go ahead and with so many factors in mind, that choice is going to be a difficult one. You need your staff looking slick and sleek in their new vehicle that represents you and your company, but there are some considerations.
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Looks Aren’t Everything
A company car should be cost-effective. There’s no ifs or buts about it; you have to make the right choices, but they have to fit your budget constraints. You’ll want to keep your carbon footprint small and do everything that you can to safeguard the environment, while keeping your insurance down at the same time. Did you know that the more that you do to keep your carbon emissions low, the more kudos you get from clients and from your government? You should look into that.
Perks Are Everything
Your staff running your company car when they attend client meetings will expose your company in more ways than one. There is no doubt that offering your staff the use of a company car is a perk like no other and yet you’ll still be the one adding the fuel to it. Choosing a car with a great fuel economy could be everything that you need to add the cherry on top of the car! As you’ll want to minimise accidents and repairs, buying a brand-new vehicle and not a used one is going to make a massive difference to the morale of your staff. Who doesn’t want to roll around town in a new car to show off their work?
Ultimately, you need to choose a company car that works for your budget, the environment and your staff and keeps them safe and secure all at the same time. Choosing your company car is supposed to be an exciting exercise, so don’t slip up with this one. Go big or go home!

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