4 Reasons Why Monetizing a Marketing Blog is the Perfect Pastime for an Expat

If you’re an expat regularly sending money back home on a regular basis, there’s probably one major question on your mind.

“How can I earn more of it?”

For starters, there are services out there like Remitly that can help you handle payments abroad to squeeze more out of your paychecks. And yeah, there are apps out there like and Acorns that can help balance your budget and adopt a more frugal lifestyle, too.

However, finding smart ways to supplement your income is a brilliant move for expats learning to earn more.

One of the best ways to do exactly that? Get started with Internet marketing and the blogosphere.

Whether it’s building your own consulting empire or monetizing a niche blog, the opportunities are out there and are perfect for those living abroad. If you’re curious as to why blogging for bucks is the perfect gig for expats, we’ve detailed four reasons below.

The Ability to Work from Anywhere
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of blogging for bucks is that you aren’t tied to any sort of geographical location.

Want to work from the comfort of your apartment? What about the local coffee shop?

As long as you have an Internet connection available, you’re good to go.

Furthermore, this lifestyle allows you to get a taste of your local community and provides a reason to leave the house. If you’ve been relatively shy as an expat on your journey so far, see this as an opportunity to explore your new community.

You Can Start on the Side
The beauty of blogging and Internet marketing at large is that you can start as a side gig without having to quit your day job. If you’re working full-time and sending remittance payments home, you’re obviously not going to want to give that up, right?

But bear in mind that many success stories come from part-timers in the first place. The whole goal here isn’t to replace your nine-to-five, but to supplement it. Having a second source of income is a total game-changer for both you and your family as you can send more home and stress less about personal finances.

Besides, you need next to nothing in terms of an initial investment. If you can afford a domain name and web hosting, you’re golden.

The Power of Passive Income
The most enticing aspect of Internet marketing comes from the promise of passive income. While it does take time to build up, the ability to put an income source on autopilot is pretty much a dream-come-true, right? Without having to constantly slave away at your keyboard, think about some modern ways to monetize your blog such as affiliate offers (courses, webinars and web tools), selling ad space or joining referral programs.

And hey, even if such passive income doesn’t make up a bulk of your earnings versus work in real-time, it’s better than nothing.

Your Blogging Skills Translate into Career Opportunities
Furthermore, success as a blogger can translate into influence and skills that get you paid in the real world. Although you may have little Internet in a full-time marketing gig at the moment, consider how you can translate your skills into a new career in marketing over time.

For example, experience blogging could help you market yourself as a freelance content writer on the side. Proving that you can grow an audience and make money online already means you’re a valuable marketer. Working with others online likewise opens doors for you as you signal your authority.

After all, the best way to break into business isn’t always a degree or years of experience: it’s creating your own results

If you’re on the hunt for a productive way to spend your time and perhaps sow the seeds of some serious side-income, look into the world of Internet marketing. No matter how you slice it, taking the steps to start your own online business is proactive learning experience if nothing else.

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