What Your Staff Really Want From You (It's Not Rocket Science)

If you don’t know what your staff really want from you, you’re probably not giving it to them. If you’re not giving it to them, you probably have an unhappy, unengaged team that aren’t planning on staying with you for very long at all. By learning what your staff want and giving it to them, you’ll improve engagement, workplace productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. You’ll have a team of loyal employees who will go above and beyond to work hard for your organization. They simply won’t want to let you down. So, what do your staff really want from you? Read on to find out…

A Sympathetic Ear

Your staff actually want you to take an interest in them, so you can build a bit of a relationship. Having a rapport with your staff members can only be a good thing. It will mean that they come to you if they have an issue, rather than just let it get out of hand and leave. Make sure you make an effort to relate to them by drawing on your own experiences, and go out of your way to help them with their issues. This doesn’t just have to be issues in the workplace either. If they share something they are struggling with in their personal life with you, and you could potentially help them, consider it.

Bonuses For Hard Work

If your staff work particularly hard one week/month, bonuses don’t go amiss. Simply making sure you acknowledge their hard work can be enough, but you could try something else too. Maybe a little extra in their pay packet, or even a lunch treat on a Friday could do the trick.

Workplace Perks

Having workplace perks for your employees makes it a much nicer place for everybody. Just think of how long your employees spend working for you. They don’t want to be in a dull, drab office that doesn’t inspire creativity. You should have a comfortable office, with things like coffee and tea to help refresh employees. If possible, having a relaxation area where they can take a break will also be great for them.

Policies You Stick To

If you have policies in place but you don’t stick to them, you aren’t going to be looked at as a reliable boss. You need to follow through with your policies. If you say you’re going to pay your staff by a certain time, make sure they get paid. You can find software and services to pay your staff for you to make sure this happens without fail. Usually, there’s always a way you can outsource tasks like this to make it easier.

Software To Make Their Jobs Easier

If there’s software out there that could automate processes and make life easier for your staff, invest in it. They’ll really appreciate it and the investment will pay off.


If your staff member has to go to parent’s evening, letting them work around it may be better for them and the business that making them take the whole day off as a holiday. Make sure you do what you can to offer flexibility and make working more enjoyable!

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