Move Over Richard Branson: The Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Here


For years, people have thought of entrepreneurs as middle-aged men in starched suits. After all, just look at Richard Branson - he has been the face of entrepreneurship for decades. But right now there seem to be a new group of entrepreneurs on the scene who look ready to shake things up. Say hello to the millennial entrepreneurs.

Even though millennials have a pretty bad reputation for being lazy and workshy, they actually make really good entrepreneurs. That’s because they have all the drive and characteristics that can help them make a huge success of businesses Still not convinced? Here are all the reasons why the millennial entrepreneurs are here to stay.


Millennials are known for their bright-eyed optimism and this comes in extremely useful in the world of business. They’ve lived through major economic problems in the world and know that, even though things can get quite bad, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. They are able to look past their current circumstances and situations and know that, after a lot of hard work, there will be plenty of good times to come.

Risk Takers

They are also used to taking lots of risks in various aspects of their lives, and this also includes their professional life. They will happily apply now at for any extra finance they may need for their company. They’ll be happy making risky decisions because they will know that the payoffs will be very much worth it. This risky nature that most millennials have is the envy of most older people who are way too cautious with their business.

Tech Adopters

Millennials are also keen users of all the latest tech. This means that they won’t be too scared of adopting new technologies for their company, and will be open to introducing all of the latest trends to their employees. Many older entrepreneurs have to spend time trying to learn all the new lingo that comes with social media and new technologies, but this isn’t the case for millennials. They know all the buzzwords already and will be good to go with all their tech from day one.

Important Influence

These days, bloggers and YouTubers all know one very important thing: influencers are key to success. Influencers are now anyone who has a significant online presence and lots of followers. Just take a look at’s top bloggers for example. Businesses are starting to realize that if they get these influencers to share their products with their followers, then their sales can greatly increase. Millennials have been switched onto the importance of influencers for sometimes now and have been using their power in their companies. Not only that, though, but because millennials have their finger on the pulse, they are able to tell which up-and-coming influencers are the ones to use for their forthcoming projects and campaigns.

Millennials aren’t just the future any longer - they are already mixing up the business world and it looks like they are here to stay!

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